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The NFL’s #3’s

This will be the 3rd of 8 articles that will give you, the reader, my rankings per conference per division. This article will start off by giving you all the #3’s in the NFC, or the teams a notch above the worst in each division. Keep this in mind when you are drafting your fantasy leagues and comment below when I say your team that you love is either worse or better than you thought.

NFC NorthTeddy-Bridgewater-Minnesota-Vikings-Copy6

Minnesota Vikings- Second year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was impressive at times last year and now he has Adrian Peterson. He also has an above average tight end in Kyle Rudolph as his check down. Plus, second year head coach Mike Zimmer is a great defensive mind. All these things being said, I don’t think any team blows them out of the water, but at times they will not swim very well.

NFC Southquinn

Atlanta Falcons- First year head coach Dan Quinn will be taking over a team with individual play makers, but seemingly no continuity with the likes of; Michael Turner, Julius Jones, Rodey White, and Matt Ryan. Notice none of their play makers are on defense. They will have to slug it out with teams on a weekly basis, because they have no defense.

NFC WestPI-NFL-Rams-Nick-Foles-Todd-Gurley-060215.vadapt.620.high.0

St. Louis Rams- The Rams felt good enough to sign quarterback Nick Foles to a 2 year contract extension without the benefit of a regular season start. But, I am not yet convinced. You also have 1st round pick Todd Gurley taking it slow as he recovers from knee surgery. Plus running back Tre Mason, who is trying to hold off Gurley is battling a sore hamstring as well.

NFC EastOdellBechamJr

New York Giants- They are an interesting team. They have the ability to score a ton of points, but the inability to stop other teams from doing the same. Eli Manning should put up monster numbers with both Victor Cruz and Odell Becham Jr. But on the opposite side of the ball defensive end Jason Pierre Paul is a question mark after suffering a fireworks accident and loosing fingers.

The rankings of these #3’s with the #1 being the best of the 4 and #4 being the worse of the worse.

1) Minnesota Vikings

2) St. Louis Rams

3) Atlanta Falcons

4) New York Giants

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