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The NFL’s #4 NFC

This will be the 2nd of 8 articles that will give you, the reader, my rankings per conference per division. This article will start off by giving you all the #4’s in the NFC, or the worst teams in each division. Keep this in mind when you are drafting your fantasy leagues and comment below when I say your team that you love is either worse or better than you thought.


griffinonCartEAST- The Washington Redskins have a quarterback who was an up and coming superstar, and now he is an injury prone question mark. He did not clear all the protocols to play in the important 3rd pre-season game, and his availability going forward in obviously in question now that the team has announced they are going to start Kirk Cousins. They also just lost there starting tight end in the 1st pre-season game. And they have a coach who seems to be rubbing multiple people the wrong way.

WEST- The San Francisco 49ers are the #4 team in the NFC west. Earlier in the off-season the 49ers released DE Aldon Smith after he was involved in yet another off-field incident. Consequently, he made the 10th player from the 2014 team to no longer be with the team. Their overhaul is massive, and it is going to guarantee them a last place finish.

winstonSOUTH- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a brand new quarterback in Jameis Winston, even though he was the #1 overall pick. I know he has talent, but he also has character issues which may prove to be more of a problem than his learning curve. He does have 2 experienced receivers in Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. The difference in having a couple additional wins will be in the performance of running back Doug Martin.

NORTH- This will be an interesting division. I personally think 3 of the 4 teams will take a half or possibly even a full step back. My #4 position in this division will be the Chicago Bears. I say this for 2 main reasons; Jay Cutler had more turnovers than any other quarterback last year in the league. The 2nd is the fact that the Bear’s top pick, Kevin White, is still on the physically unable to perform list with no clear timetable for his return.cutler

The rankings of these #4’s with the #1 being the best of the 4 and #4 being the worse of the worse.

1) Chicago

2) Tampa Bay

3) San Francisco

4) Washington


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