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CN11iy1WoAAdIZfWhile The Chicago Cubs celebrated Jake Arrieta’s no-hitter against the Dodgers on Sunday night that went well into Monday night, as the Cubs celebrated with a on-field ceremony at Wrigley Field, the Dodgers were most likely down in the dumps.

That was their second no-hit game in nine days. First against the Houston Astros and Mike Fiers then against Chicago. Los Angeles toughed it out and showed some real class towards Arrieta and the Cubs. “Really nice guesture,” Arrieta said of the Dodgers. “They sent a bucket of dirt from the mound and they dug up the pitching rubber, which weighed 60 pounds. That’s something I’ll cherish as much or more than anything I’ve been given throughout the process.” Arrieta tweeted a photo of the rubber on a scale. The Dodgers also sent authenticated game-used baseballs from the no-hitter, which Arrieta said he’ll give out to family and friends. “Grateful they sent that stuff to us,” he said. Maybe he’ll put that memorabilia next to his bed while he sleeps next to all of it in his mustache pajamas. Tip of the hat to the Los Angeles Dodgers and congratulations again to Jake Arrieta on the much anticipated no-hitter!


Even if you are not a fan of the Dodgers, you have to have respect for them. It is not everyday that someone no-hits a team, and the team he no-hit sends him mementos from that game you will ever forget. It is like having someone reward you for being better than they are. But, that is what we love about Americas Past-time. The passion for the game outweighs the talent in the game, and that is why we love it.

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