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The NFL’s #4’s AFC

This will be a 1st of 8 articles that will give you, the reader, my rankings per conference per division. This article will start off by giving you all the #4’s in the AFC, or the worst teams in each division. Keep this in mind when you are drafting your fantasy leagues and comment below when I say your team that you love is either worse or better than you thought.


EricDeckerEAST- The #4 in the AFC East is the New York Jets. This was not a difficult decision to make. Simply put, until the Jet’s have a reliable quarterback, this is where they will be. They do have some decent parts, they have 2 above average receivers in Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall. They also have an above average defense with a defensive minded first year coach in Todd Boyals. But it is not enough to keep them out of the #4 position.


WEST- The Oakland Raiders are going to occupy this position in the AFC West. Not nesecarily because of how bad they are, but because of how stacked the rest of this division is. The Raiders are trending in the right direction, but with the likes of the Chiefs, Chargers, and Broncos they need to build an impressive unit and not just add a few impressive pieces per year. The offense has a new receiver in Amari Cooper, but still has an unproven running back in Latavious Murray and two cast offs in Trent Richardson and Roy Helu Jr. They also have Khalil Mack and Derek Carr as pieces as well. When they gel as a team, they will move up.

mariotaSOUTH- This choice did not take me long either. My choice for the #4 team in the AFC South is the Tennessee Titans. They have a new quarterback in Marcus Mariota and running back Dorial Green-Beckham. The Titans do not have the Jet’s defense nor do they have the number of quality players like the Raiders. They have tore this team down, and it will take a few years to build it back up. Be patient.

johnny-manziel-cleveland-browns-quarterback-jerseyNORTH- The Cleveland Browns are also in a tough division, but they are making it really tough on themselves when you do not know who your starting quarterback will be.

The rankings of these #4’s with the #1 being the best of the 4 and #4 being the worse of the worse.

1) Oakland

2) Cleveland

3) New York

4) Tennessee

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