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Ring the Bell for the Number One FF Pick

Fantasy football is here.  The NFL regular season is just days away and it’s time to start studying your draft kit and wishing you grab the number one pick in the draft.  Weather you draft at someone’s house or on the comfort of your own couch, you still may not be a 100% sure who to take Number 1.  This year, there is no debate, no second guessing, and no doubt that Le’Veon Bell is the number one pick for Fantasy Football 2015.BellHurdle

Wait Thomas, isn’t he suspended two games? Yes fantasy footballers he is, but trust me, he is worth the investment.

No matter how your league scoring goes, Bell was a monster last season.  Rushing for 1,361 yards and 8 TDs, Bell also put up 854 receiving yards and 3 TDs for a total of 2,215 yards from scrimmage and 11 TDs.  The production coming out of this young and talented player proves he is a number one pick for sure.

Wait Thomas, I could possibly go 0-2 to start my season because I will be missing a key contributor. With so few elite RBs heading into this season, it is important to draft RBs early. There are plenty of WRs to go around that you can take a RB in the first, second, and possibly the third round if others decide to take other positions.  Here is a perfect example of what a 12 team league can look like with the number one pick of Bell and taking two more running backs in a row.


Mock Draft

I didn’t think twice about picking up Bell.  His skillset and football abilities cannot be passed up.  Yes missing two games is big in a short fantasy year, but in the long run, he will be a great investment.  He will return to the field against the St. Louis Rams, who gave up 325 yards a game last year, 18th in the NFL.

Bell&BrownBesides, teams are going to have a lot to worry about when they play the Steelers.  Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell, it’s going to be real tough to defend all three.

Le’Veon Bell is the clear choice for the number one pick in your fantasy draft.  He is too irresistible to pass up despite the two game suspension heading into this season.   His stats prove that he can easily pick up the slack.  Invest in Bell, you will not be disappointed.


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