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Watch Ken Griffey Jr. in new Macklemore Video

macklemore_bobblehead_filsonMacklemore is a huge recording artist, and a huge Seattle Mariner fan. I guess you have to be to have your own bobble-head. I am serious, Macklemore has his own Mariner bobble-head! He has performed at Safeco Field, thrown out the first pitch there and now he has added the sweet left-handed swing of a Seattle icon to his newest video for the song Downtown that was released yesterday.

GriffeyCard082715Well, what does “The Kid” do, you may ask? Believe it or not he does two things. At the 1:42 mark Griffey catches a fish. But does is in Upper Deck 1989 style. If you don’t understand the reference, you are not a collector. You see the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. card is one of the most sought after cards in the card collecting community. Compare the picture above to the picture to the right and you will see the stunning, I am sure purpose resemblance.

But that is not all. He makes a 2nd appearance in the video as well at the 4:02 mark. And he is, of all things, riding a moped! But, in all fairness, he is Junior, so he looks cool doing it.ken-griffey-juniorMoped

One last bit of irony in this whole thing. For all you baseball fans who ever turned your hat around backwards, what number did Ken Griffey Jr. wear as a Mariner? That is right, 24. Notice the time stamps in his appearances in the video, 1:42 and 4:02. Do you notice that they both contain the numbers 2 and 4 or 24? Coincidence? I think not.

Here is the video, enjoy.

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