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We’ve seen a lot of amazing catches this baseball season. Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo made a spectacular catch during a game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Rizzo climbed over the tarp, chairs, and fans to catch a foul ball. Initially, umpires said he was out of play, but after review they overturned it and the out was called on the Brewers. During a game against the San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado made a sensational play. Instead of letting the ball be foul, Nolan stayed with it and caught the ball while crashing into the trp and stands. Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson also did the same. It was a head-first dive that went three rows deep along the third-base side that had his teammates in disbelief during a game against the Rays. Three really great catches this year, let’s rank them.. number one being the best.

3. Nolan Arenado’s Catch

2. Josh Donaldson’s Catch

1. Anthony Rizzo’s Catch


Arenado’s catch was awesome, but wasn’t as good as the other two. I had a tough time picking which would be first because Donaldson and Rizzo made similar catches whereas Arenado just flipped over while making the catch. I ultimately picked Rizzo as number one because they initially called him out of play, but then overturned it. He was also quoted saying he always asks umps what he can and cannot do and he always gets different responses so he decided to go for it.

But we want to hear from you! Which of these 3 fantastic catches would YOU our great fans choose as being the best? Comment below and we will attach your comment to this article.

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