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Fantasy Dog’s 2015 WR RANKS(1-46+): Updated 8/23/15

1. Antonio Brown PIT – Brown is not the biggest. Not the fastest. But he may be the most precise route runner in the NFL. Combined with great agility and burst he is hands down my #1 wr for 2015. Leveon is great, Bryant is rising quick. But Brown is the centerpiece in one of the NFL’s best passing offenses.

2. Jordy Nelson GB – A full tool box of skills, Rodgers tossing the rock and one of the healthiest big name wrs in the league. I have him at 2 because there is no health questions. There is no offensive scheme change questions. Jordy is a rock solid top 5 wr without worry.

3. Dez Bryant DAL – No DeMarco means the ball gets aired out a lot more in Big D in 2015. Dez has a legit chance at the WR 2015 FF scoring title. The targets will be huge, the rewards will be huge. The only concerns? Dez does get dinged and sometimes his frustration holds him back.

4. Demaryius Thomas DEN – Julius is gone, Welker gone, DEN is claiming to be a heavier run team in 2015. Now it is DT, Sanders, 2nd year WR Latimer and Virgil Green as the main receiving targets. Even with a drop in pass attempts DT will remain at the top of the WR scoring charts. Besides it is not like DEN will become CAR in terms of pass versus run.

5. Julio Jones ATL – Roddy is another year older. There is a lack of big name targets behind Julio, Roddy. This guarantees Julio will remain as a top 10 wr. I actually think he will move into the top 5 in 2015 in what is still one of the best passing offenses in the NFL. Remember it is only the regular season we are concerned about in FF.

6. Calvin Johnson DET – Megatron will be much healthier in 2015. The league is on notice after Tate’s fantastic 2014, you can no longer cheat towards Mega without paying the price. I love Mega in 2015. I expect a return to the FF scoring levels that made him a top 10 FF draft pick for most of his career. Great steal in the 2nd round.

7. AJ Green CIN – He missed 5 games in 2014 and was slowed by injury for many more games than that. AJ will be healthy and he is the absolute focus of the CIN pass game. Expect a better showing in 2015 than in 2014.  Much better!

8. Odell Beckham jr NYG – The kid is exciting. Playmaking monster. But with the return of Cruz, the addition of Vereen and the league wide focus of Odell will result in more passes thrown to the middle(cruz) and the flat(vereen) than in 2014. Expect that the deep to odell frequency drops off a bit from 2014. Meaning his production will drop off a bit as well. Still a GREAT WR 1 but not quite the monster he was in 2014 as the lone ranger.

9. Emmanuel Sanders DEN – See DT. Yup Denver will run more. Still going to have 2 stars at WR. Reality and fantasy alike. Sanders is a do everything guy. Peyton loves do everything guys. The short passing game will be the lifeblood of the offense. In a PPR I could see Sanders finishing much closer to the 1 spot than the 10 spot. (PPR Ranks coming)

10. Randall Cobb GB – Discount Doublecheck means two WRs thrive with the most consistently dominant QB in the league. No downs. Every week production for all 3 stars. It will continue.

11. Alshon Jeffery CHI – Marshall is gone and Jeffrey is now the main man in the pass game.  Already a FF star Alshon has as much of a chance at the top 5 as any wr in football. The only reason he is not in my top 10? How will he react to being the focus of every secondary he faces?

12. Andre Johnson IND – This could be even bigger. Top 5 is within the realm of possibility. Yes I know he is 34. I also know he as never had a truly dynamic signal caller or an offense this dynamic. As long as he remains healthy Andre is the steal of the draft at his ADP. But only in a redraft league.

13. Jordan Matthews PHI – Volume, volume, volume. Mac is gone. Matthews is the main man. This hurry up offense will hurry up and shoot Matthews up the FF WR ranks.

14. Golden Tate DET – 2014 was no fluke. I repeat 2014 was no fluke. Expect more of the same, maybe not quite the same blistering pace, but there is more than enough to feed both Tate and Mega in motown. Like Andre Johnson I have him ranked much higher than most. Confidently so.

15. Mike Evans TB – If he was without VJax on the other side I would have him above his 2 2nd year chums above. But with a second star on the field his ceiling is a bit more capped than the above mentioned. Evans will still provide somebody with an above average WR2.

16. TY Hilton IND – Andre is going to take much more from the Wayne, Nicks’ 2014 load than from TY. Ty will still shine in one of the heaviest passing offenses in the league.  TY is still the safe investment he was a year ago. Still a top end wr2.

17. Brandin Cooks NO – Stills is gone, Graham is gone. It is now officially Cooks, Colston, Toon, Hill, CJ, etc.. Even pressing the run heavy idea, Cooks is in line for a fantastic season as the do everything wr in the saints O.

18. Jarvis Landry MIA – I am sure this is another surprise when compared to other rankers. Landry is now the main focus on a solid and growing pass attack. He is a do everything wr who the Phins move around all over the field. He will well outplay his ADP.

19. Keenan Allen SD – Great qb. High octane offense. He is the main focus, even Gates falls in behind. I am anticipating an awesome season for Allen as the main cog in the SD O. High targets, lots of movement and FF greatness to follow.

20. Deandre Hopkins HOU – Finally Elvis has left the building. The stage is yours. If HOU had a better qb, Hopkins would have a better ranking. Still a very good wr2.

21. Sammy Watkins BUF – If Tyrod Taylor starts all bets are off. Sammy could dominate with a qb who can scramble a bit to buy time. With Manuel, Orton he will be relegated to this ranking. With a little more wiggle in the pocket and towards the edges supplied by Taylor a lot of fireworks could erupt down the field.

22. Julian Edelman NE – Forget the suspension. Edelman will surpass 100 grabs again in 2015. Higher ranking in PPR. Not a TD machine, not a burner, just a little guy catching lots of passes.

23. Desean Jackson WAS – Djax took Garcon’s cookies. I do not see him giving them back. Still fast, still explosive. If he could get some consistent qb play he could be deadly. As is he will occasionally win a week for you.

24. Martavis Bryant PIT – Big end zone target, big fast deep target and the whole world is keying on Brown. What can Bryant do for you? Score loads of points in FF on the best downfield passing offense in the league. I had to hold myself back here. I could see Bryant finishing 10 spots higher. I like him that much.

25. Amari Cooper OAK – As long as Carr’s finger is good he will wing it around. Carr loves to wing it around. Now he has a true talent to go up and get it.  Oak is not making the playoffs. But the offense will make some plays. Making Cooper a great flex, strong wr2.

26. Vincent Jackson TB – No longer the show pony but still providing solid scoring in FF. Evans has surpassed VJax. But even with a rook qb and wr2 status Vjax will make enough of his opportunities to remain fantasy relevant.

27. Charles Johnson MN – I have changed my opinion on Johnson. It appears he will remain Bridgewater’s main target. Meaning he retains his late season 2014 value.

28. Brandon Marshall NYJ – Bad qb play leads to jump balls. Marshall is still one of the best in the league at coming down with a jump ball. Jets qb(s) will struggle, the Jets record will be awful. But Marshall will get half or more of the jump balls and remain fantasy relevant.

29. Jeremy Maclin KC – There is no deep passing in KC. There is no 2014 statistics in line for Mac. But he could amass a large quantity of catches and even decent yardage working underneath routes. Better play in a PPR but I can see him as a flex.

30. Larry Fitzgerald AZ – If Palmer stays upright Fitzgerald is a very good WR2 all year. If not he will suffer statistically.  AZ did not give him $22M over 2 years to be a mentor. Fitz remains the first option in the pass game. Logan Thomas ascending to the #2 spot behind Palmer makes me feel even better. Fitz is not dead and he could end up much higher than this.

31. Torrey Smith SF – Torrey becomes the #1 in SF. Boldin is still in town but I see Torrey’s wheels putting some separation. Due to the up and down nature of the SF pass O he is a weekly gamble. If you are looking for consistency look elsewhere. Smith will flash and he will crash, he will not be a consistent point total player.

32. Allen Robinson JAC – 2nd year WR meet 2nd year QB. Growing pains will exist but I expect growth from both ends. Not going to stun anyone with ridiculous stat days. He will provide a consistent source of steady points all season. Just do not expect huge days.

33. Roddy White ATL – Roddy is not done yet. A lack of targets beyond he and Julio will keep him in the game plan far enough to be relevant. Roddy always has upside. As long as he is playing he has the ability to go off. His ADP makes him a steal. Not a dynasty pick though.

34. Marques Colston NO – Nobody like the old guys. These old guys can still produce though. In a redraft league Colston is the kind of depth you want. Second to Cooks but even with an emphasis on the run he will see plenty of action. Especially considering the departure of Graham and Stills.

35. Brandon LaFell NE – Yawn! Not the most attractive WR in FF but he remains one of Brady’s top targets and therefore your’s as well.

36. Steve Smith BAL – Big arm QB. Lack of talent around him. What is not to like? He is old and BAL has talked(dreamed) of getting him less reps. I do not see who can take them. Smith will be needed and he will be heavily targeted. This will not be 2014 but he will come in handy.

37. Victor Cruz NYG – Cruz will not be the start he once was with Beckham in full form. But he will still rediscover some of the magic he and Eli had in what should be an explosive aerial attack. Could be a steal this late.

38. Pierre Garcon  WAS – I think 2014 was a fluke. Dinged up, erratic QB play and a bad season occurs. I expect WAS will have a more consistent 2015 and Garcon will regain a lot of targets he lost last season.  Not that he will take targets from DJax. Just that there will be more targets to go around in a healthy, less dysfunctional unit.  Worth a shot, the upside is there. If RG3 can get his head out of his ass Garcon could be huge.

39. Eddie Royal  CHI – Still not sure how the #2 battle will sort out between White, Royal and Wilson. But I think the rook has the leg up on dominating targets behind Jeffery and Bennett. Maybe he clicks like recent rook WRs. With Cutler still in tow you know the deep ball is always in play. Battle ended with an injury.

40. Michael Floyd AZ – A solid flex play most weeks. Nothing spectacular but value exists. This deep in the WR pool settling on a sporadic producer is not the worst you can do.  Could provide some very good bye help.

41. Nelson Agholor PHI – I think Agholar ends up as the 3rd target behind Matthews and Ertz. I do not expect fireworks from the get go. it may take some time to work himself into weekly usability. The more I see him in Pre-Season the more I like.

42. Kendall Wright TN – No established QB makes any TN WR a gamble. Wright is the least risky of the two worthy gambles.  If TN finds any consistent QB play it could change everything. After watching OTA action, albeit without pads/contact and in friendly confines, Mariota is the real deal. His accuracy is excellent. If Mariota can get the ball out Wright could shoot up this list.

43. Terrance Williams DAL – I expect to get flack for this since he disappeared in 2014. I expect a bounce back. Dal will run heavy but with lesser results due to the downgrade at rb. Subsequently pass attempts will increase and Williams will be more involved. Not a popular pick but I see upside. According to OTA reports Williams is taking full advantage of the absence of Dez. Dez will report. This offense will be great and Williams will bounce back.

44. Kenny Stills MIA – They did not trade for him not to play him. Stills is a starter on the outside with Landry in the slot. There is room for several RECs to excel in this revamped attack. Stills has health over the injured rook Parker and skill over the older Jennings. Stills has 4-6 weeks to stake his claim to volume in the offense before the rookie Parker will be up to speed. Remember he is a rookie and he has missed OTAs all the way through pre-season minimum. I think Stills excels and keeps his role even beyond 2015.

45. Devin Funchess CAR – One tall large bodied WR down one to go. A Fantasy producer by default.

46. Mike Wallace MN – Wallace will now be the second target in this offense seeing the return of AP and the 2nd year of Bridgewater. This offense will show some sparks in 2015. Mostly through angry legs but also through the air.  Wallace still has great skills. With AP keeping the Ds honest we will see that displayed.


Eric Decker NYJ – The WR2 on a team with no QB1. No reason to do this. Do not waste your time.

Breshad Perriman BAL –  I just frankly do not see a major contributor in Perriman. Especially not in his rook season.

Percy Harvin BUF – WR2 on a team yet to find a QB1. Stay clear unless Taylor gets the nod at QB. Always hurt too.

Devante Parker MIA – Not in his rookie year, not with other options all over the field. Not with the leg injury holding him back.

Donte Moncrief IND – Johnson, Hilton, Dorsett, Allen, Fleener, Gore, Herron and somewhere in there Moncrief is going to find volume?

Anquan Boldin SF – I think he hits the wall as well as being usurped by Smith. Nothing to see here.

John Brown AZ – Unless your league counts kick return yardage he will be of no use. Not in 2015 unless injury strikes. Being the third head he eats less consistently. The gamble saps his value.

Malcolm Floyd SD – This was over 3 seasons ago.

Doug Baldwin/SEA WRs SEA – Graham is the lead ‘WR’ on a team that passes sparingly. No need to carry and SEA player with a WR designation.

Dorial Greene-Beckham TN – WR3 with no solidified QB1. Not in 2015.  Maybe, see Wright above. Doubtful usability is attained.

More NOs:

Marvin Jones, Jaelin Stong, Tyler Locket, Michael Crabtree, Reuben Randle, Dwayne Bowe, Devin Smith, Justin Hunter, Phillip Dorsett, Sammie Coates, Justin Blackmon, Cordarelle Patterson, Tavon Austin. Do not bother.



Davante Adams GB – If your looking this late for help you could do worse. Either Adams or Rodgers is going to step up this season. If your gambling this is not a bad hand.

Cody Latimer DEN – Same as adams. You can do worse than the 3rd option in a star qbs arsenal. I am not getting too excited though with talk of more running and having 2 studs ahead of him in the pecking order.

Brian Quick STL – Great year until injury struck in 2014. Worth a late round flyer hoping he can find the magic again and with a new qb.

Kenny Brit STL – Same as Quick. Great talent. Injury issues galore. New QB. There is upside here. Maybe your last pick in a deep draft?

Marquise Lee JAX – Worth a gamble. If Bortles takes the next step two WRs will flourish. I would bet those WRs are Robinson and Lee.

Additional Sleepers:

Nick Toon,  Stevie Johnson, Cecil Shorts………….

SUPERSNEAKS: Only for the deepest of leagues.

Stedman Bailey, Jeff Janis, Corey Washington……….

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