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Two For One!

Attention to all of my reader’s. I am sorry that I did not post a preview of Michigan Race. I am back though, and this is gonna be a Two for one with wrap up of Michigan, and a preview of Bristol on Saturday night.

2015-Michigan-II-CUP-Matt-Kenseth-team-trophy-CIA-660x439First, of all Michigan is usually a great race, with exciting finishes that comes down to gas mileage, but this year’s second race at Michigan was a huge disappointment for me, with the new rules package they had I was hoping to see a lot of side by side racing, with lead changes. Well it was not Matt Kenseth won the pole, and went on to lead 146 of 200 laps at Michigan.


Now, on to this weekend with 3 races remain to the chase who’s going to get in, and who is gonna be left out? Let’s take a look at Bristol, who the favorite is, and my pick to win the race (maybe even clinch a chase spot for this year’s chase.)590_bristolnight

First, Bristol is Half mile track a very short track, but has a lot of speed in it. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will run there Saturday Night under the lights for 5OO Miles.

Now who is the favorite going into this weekend?

First, Spring’s winner, and last weekend winner Matt Kenseth back in the spring with rain in the area all day pushed it late into the night, Kenseth lead only 47 laps, but most importantly he led the last lap which gave him a win and almost all, but clinched a spot in the chase. Can he sweep here in 2015 and clinch his third Bristol win in the last 5 races? He has a winning record at Bristol winning the 2013 night race, as well this year’s spring race.

kyle-buschM&MsSecond, we have probably greatest active driver at Bristol in last few year’s that being Kyle Busch. This is one race every year I say if Kyle Busch as a okay car he is gonna to win, but if his car is great there is no beating him. Unless something happens to him, odds are he gets his 5th win this year since coming back and pads his points lead over the 31st place car to ensure he is in this year’s chase?

KyleLarson2Third, we gonna look at someone who hasn’t visited victory lane yet, but is getting close that is Kyle Larson. Kyle is good almost every where. He has been close to Victory in the past, but came up short. Could this be the weekend where it all comes together he gets his first of what will be many wins?martinTruexJr


Fourth, we got Martin Truex, Jr he has had one of his greatest year’s this year. Finishing so good as well as, leading a ton of laps. After he got his win at Pocono, it seemed like his season started getting derailed. But now he is coming off one of his best performances since Indianapolis. It begs the question. Can he get his second win this year and his first career win at Half Mile track?

Ricky-homepageFinally, my pick to win is…..Ricky Stenhouse, Jr or Aric Almora this track in the past couple of years is a track where both of these drivers have done really good Ricky getting 2 top 5’s in last two spring races, while Aric has always ran well here. I think we are gonna get a surprise winner who in turn, gets a spot in this year’s chase with this win.


Who is your pick to win this Saturday night?

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