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 1. Adrian Peterson MN – They say he is reporting. They say he will play for MN agreeably. If      that is the case an angry defiant and subsequently motivated Peterson may be the #1 RB in  2015. Until I see him practice in a MN uniform I will keep him here at 5(he reported he is at #1  now).  *8/17: With new contract in hand and an offense on the verge of elite AP is gold in 2015.

 2. Eddie Lacy GB – The sure thing. Healthy, returning to same dynamic offense. Best inside  runner in the NFL. I give him the nod over Lynch in that category due to the number 29. *8/17: The more things change the more they stay the same.


 3. Leveon Bell PIT – What’s not to love about a talented young back on a prolific deep threat  offense with a giant qb tossing the rock? Just the 3 game suspension. Moved him from #2 to #4  in my rankings. But beginning week 4, there may be no other rb I would covet more. *8/17: The reduction to 2 games moves Bell up 1 spot from 4.

 4. Jamaal Charles KC – Seems to be injured a lot. But keeps playing through it. He is the  centerpiece, the bell cow, the offensive conduit. In an offense lacking downfield ability Charles  is a well fed goldmine. Handcuff him with Kniles and you will be nothing but smiles. *8/17: Still smiling!


 5. Marshawn Lynch SEA – Beastmode baby. Nearly a guaranteed top 5 season. Might be his last.  Either way, expect another prolific season in Beast mode. The possibility exists that he could  capitalize on the arrival of Jimmy Graham who stretches the field and draws the attention of  opposing safeties. 8 in the box becomes difficult. In dynasty leagues look elsewhere this early. *8/17: No change for the Beast.

 6. CJ Anderson DEN – What more can you want? The #1 rb on an offensively stacked, high  scoring team. CJ is not just a product of his environment either. Reviewing his game tape  reveals solid acceleration, good lateral agility and above average vision. In shape, focused and  ready to explode into the upper echelon of FF RBs.  Handcuff him with Monte and have a ball. *8/17: Still golden Pony Boy!

 7. LeSean McCoy BUF – McCoy is going to get almost all of the money in BUF. In a Rex Ryan  run first paradigm that means McCoy will thrive. Rex&CO. will no doubt feed Jackson and the  rest a bit too, to reduce the workload. But McCoy will have feature back touches in a league that  no longer has that many backs receiving those types of touches. *8/17: The emergence of Toolkit Taylor bodes well.

 8. Jeremy Hill CIN – Explosive, powerful runner. Jeremy should continue 2015 where he left off  2014. Gio is the weekly wildcard play in CIN. Jeremy is a great week to week start. If you deny  his top 10 value, check the 2014 2nd half stats. *8/17: Remains a draft day steal.


9. DeMarco Murray PHI – Volume play. Do I think he will be as dynamic without the best run blocking Oline in the nfl? No. But I think the volume, even with Matthews/Sproles, will be enormous in this fast paced offense. *8/17: Health issues still bother me but the upside is so high!


 10. Carlos Hyde SF – Best RB available in the 2014 draft. A year of understudy behind Gore and  learning the offense. Carlos will soon not be able to Hyde no more. SF D was devastated with  departures in the off-season. The O fared much better but with a couple of hits.  Even Lupati  has been planned for. I expect a huge workload for Hyde and that workload will overwhelm  any Oline deficiencies. *8/17: What else they got? Volume meets talent.

11. Matt Forte CHI – With John Fox in Matt’s hen house his touches will surely be affected. But Forte remains one of the most versatile RBs in the league and he will produce yet again. Another player I would choose to avoid in a dynasty though. *8/17: Fox is still a big concern.

12.  Justin Forsett BAL – After a profound 2014 Forsett will once again get the keys to the car. The first shot at retaining his huge role. I expect him to do just that. Solid rb2. Not a dynasty target however. *8/17:  Justin should be huge in Trestman’s offense. See Forte 2014 for a picture of volume.

13. Joseph Randle DAL –  I really like the smash mouth style of Randle and I believe he gets the nod week 1. His 205 lb frame may prove to wear down with his style, so cuff him, most likely with Dunbar if DMC fails.  Running behind the league’s best OLine makes any RB very valuable. Get them both and you could steal a top 10 rb season with a later round pick. *8/17: You will not steal him any longer but he is still a value at his ADP. New RB star alert!

14. Mark Ingram NO – NOs has shown a new found commitment to the run game. Ingram will be the focus of that attack. With Robinson and to a greater degree Spiller mixed in, especially in passing situations. Spiller has a role but Ingram’s role is center to the offense and his value will only be affected marginally from 2014. If at all. But make no mistake Ingram is the top dog in this backfield and my #14 RB for 2015.

15. Melvin Gordon SD – Dynamic all around RB. Natural pass catcher even though not a utilized skill at WI. Has some work to do on pass protection but nothing that will hold him back. Expect Melvin to hit the ground running on his way to rookie of the year honors. His ceiling is immense. *8/17: The 1st pre-season game does not cause me panic.


16. Andre Ellington AZ – Elly produces. Elly gets hurt. He will lose some touches to the rook Johnson in 2015. But nothing to remove him from my top 20. When active Elly’s numbers reflect near top 10 production. When he is hurt he produces nothing. In that lies the problem. Handcuff him with the rook and enjoy the production while it lasts.

17. Alfred Morris WAS – Don’t get me wrong, I like Morris. But his ceiling is low. His usage still lands him in top end RB2 territory, but not a player with much possibility of exceeding his ADP.

18. Frank Gore IND – Expect a fantastic year from Gore in this high octane Indy attack. Maybe his last year of FF relevance. A great and inexpensive RB2 option. Another player to avoid in a dynasty. A great RB2 in a redraft.

19. Lamar Miller MIA – Lamar had a terrific year in 2014. Expect more of the same. Lamar is another player who I believe lacks the high possibility of outplaying his ADP. Fine RB2 though.

20. Joique Bell DET – Okay Reggie is gone. It is your show now. I feel fine having Bell as long as I have the rookie Abdullah as a handcuff. Ceiling is higher than this ranking. Injury seems to always creep into the equation with Bell though. If you draft him get the rookie. Hell if you have the room get Riddick too(obviously in very deep leagues only). This is why Bell is not higher. You need to carry a handcuff or leave yourself exposed. Even with the pre-season game 1 flash, Abdullah is still the cuff. Bell is still THE RB to own in motown.

21. Latavius Murray OAK – Ceiling is high with this one. Lat has some wiggle but he has real jets. If he comes out on top, I think he will, he could be a top 15-20 RB for later round prices. High upside pick.

22. Doug Martin TB – One more time around for Doug. I think he will hold off Sims and I think he will produce viably in 2015. This is a speculative pick however. We have seen nothing of the once explosive Martin in 2 seasons. Ideally you would want both rbs.

23. Shane Vereen will likely carve out the most snaps overall. “Trapped” on the field in an uptempo offense Vereen will dominate RB targets in the pass game and win the largest share of carries. Ceiling is high.

24. Gio Bernard CIN – The ultimate swerve compliment. His production will be sporadic. But some weeks he will go completely nuts. But being a compliment means he will be a week to week crap shoot.



25. Todd Gurley STL – A future star. When we don’t know. Either 2nd half 2015 or week 1 2015. But he will be a star. Grab Mason later to bridge any gap that may appear and be happy with a sensational soon to be factor back. Obviously his value is much higher in a dynasty league.


26. Arian Foster HOU – The old plow horse. That is what he has become. Not especially dynamic  any longer but still highly productive. A solid top 10 season is likely. Another player I would not  draft this low in a dynasty. Well top was likely. With the injury news Foster may provide some nice help for a playoff push. But he will not be of any use until mid-season at best. *8/17: Nice for a 2nd half run.

27. Devonta Freeman ATL – The sky is the limit. Sjax is out of the way. The ATL brass is raving about Freeman in the offseason. It is his gig. I expect big things from Freeman in 2015. A great RB2 with much higher upside. But make sure you cover yourself with the rookie handcuff Coleman.

28. Jonathon Stewart CAR – He has the gig to himself, well more to himself with no dwilly. But injuries and time share issues are still in play. If you draft him, handcuff him with Todman. Hope he stays upright. Not a dynasty prospect but a decent roll of the dice in redraft formats.

29. LaGarrette Blount NE – Appears to be the favorite to retain his role as a goal line back and to expand upon his between the end zones touches. Ridley gone, Vereen gone. Blount retained. Potent offense even if Brady misses a few. Solid draft pick with upside.

30. TJ Yeldon JAX – TJ has no real competition for the JAX rb1 gig. Robinson is too small and better suited to change of pace/3rd down work. Toby is an underwhelming big body who JAX has reportedly decided to work as a FB. If the JAX O was a better unit, more mature unit, I would have TJ higher. But until I see it I won’t believe it.


31. Bishop Sankey TN – Sankey will get the shot to be the bell cow. I expect he will hold it. Most likely scenario is to plod through another less than stellar off-season. Not a rb I have a high ceiling for. Nothing behind him on the bench to fear either. I am not big on Cobb. Nothing to fear, nothing to cheer. If you do venture on a Sankey, try to handcuff him.


31. CLE RBS – Crowell, Johnson. West. You figure out the week to week gamble if you like. I am abstaining. If I had to guess, I would venture Crowell is the most usable entity of the 3. But I expect Johnson to carve out a sizable complimentary role.


32. NYJ RBS – A rb wasteland. I want nothing to do with any of them. Week to week blind rb whack-a-mole. Stay clear, If i had to venture a guess at the best bet of all bad bets, Ivory. But as in 2014, Ivory may get you ten or get you 2. Ceiling is low and risk his high.



CJ Spiller NO – CJ should see a lot of opportunities as a pass catcher. NOs is obviously trying to recreate the Sproles experience. Fragility could be the major obstacle.

Ryan Matthews PHI – Volume play. So much to go around in PHI. Some weeks Ryan will get off. Most weeks you will be left wanting.



Ameer Abdullah DET – Outstanding physical skills. Will challenge Riddick for 3rd down work right away. One Bell injury away from extreme value. His tiny little baby hands may prove to be an issue with interior rushing.

Travaris Cadet NE – The new vereen who I actually think is better than the old vereen. I expect him to work himself into a long term role with NE. Maybe even usurps Blount if he should be slow starting after his suspension. *8/17: James White is the main competition here. With Bill making the choice it will be hard to count on anyone in this backfield until we see it week 1.

Montee Ball DEN – Still a great talent who never really got a true shot at the rb1 role in Denver. He remains lurking ready for a shot to usurp CJ or an injury to open the door.


David Johnson AZ – Elly is not the most durable rb in the NFL. Johnson may already have the inside track on goal line work. One injury away from Elly type numbers. *8/17: CJ0K is now a consideration but obviously AZ wants their young draft pick to be an offensive producer.

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