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The Year of The Chicago Cubs

Chicago_Cubs_ch68_large5As a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, I live and die with this team. I can honestly say I’m proud of the Cubs this year. When the Cubs got Joe Maddon as a manager last winter, I was so excited because I knew this season would be different from the past couple years. All of this young talent has really shown out and it’ll pay off for years to come. So as a Cubs fan, do I think the Cubs now have to make the post-season to call this a successful year?

My answer is no. Making the post-season would be a plus, but not making it wouldn’t make me say it was an unsuccessful year. I never expected this much success from the Cubs so soon. Yes I always have faith, but they’ve surprised me. Jake Arrieta, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, even Kyle Schwarber.. all of them just make this Chicago Cubs team great. Maddon isn’t afraid to make changes because he’s always thinking the bigger picture. Chicago is in love with baseball again because of the Chicago Cubs. This is the first time they’re in the playoff race since 2008 and that was also the last time they made the postseason.rizzo-chicago-cubs1

“It’s hard to have a buzz in the ballpark when you’re 20 games under in August,” general manager Jed Hoyer said this week. “Now that we’re in a pennant race, I think the atmosphere here has been amazing, watching it get louder and louder with every passing week, every passing home game.” As Jed said, the atmosphere at Wrigley is so unreal. I’ve been to four games this year and the crowd is always so loud.

The Cubs have a firm grip on the second wild-card spot in the National dexter-fowler-kyle-schwarber-mlb-chicago-cubs-atlanta-braves1League, with sights set on moving up. “I feel like everybody I come across is excited,” reliever James Russell said. “We’re trying to please them. The biggest thing is bringing good baseball back to Wrigley.” The 2015 Chicago Cubs have brought hope to fans and that feeling is great. They want to give us a championship, which we’ve been waiting for.

“I think they’re all excited,” Anthony Rizzo said. “Just overhearing people talk baseball. It feels like the whole city is behind us.” When you think baseball you think Yankees, Cardinals, Red Sox, etc. Now the Chicago Cubs are in that mix and it honestly gives me chills.

chicago-cubs-2The Chicago Bears are about to start their season and all this city can do is talk about baseball. It’s amazing in a city that’s mostly filled with Bears fans. My point is, yes, making the post-season would be ideal and would be so great. But that’s just a plus. I don’t think they need to make it to call this season successful, though. You might disagree, but just look around and see how much these 2015 Cubs have changed the game here in Chicago. People are excited for baseball all over the city. Watching them play is different, a good different. I look forward to watching them for the rest of my life and I can’t wait to see many more successful seasons to come.

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