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With 7 Weeks Left, 9 Have a Shot

With seven weeks left in the MLB season, the number of teams with a realistic shot to win the World Series has actually increased by 2 teams thanks to some trading and some trending.There are now 9 teams with at least a 5% shot at winning the World Series according to the “Playoff Odds Report” at Baseball Prospectus.

HanleyPuigIn all, there are now nine teams with at least a 5% chance of winning the World Series, up from seven at the All-Star break (record in parentheses):
Los Angeles Dodgers (67-51), 16.4%
Houston Astros (64-54), 12.3%
Toronto Blue Jays (65-54), 12.0%
St. Louis Cardinals (75-42), 10.7%
Kansas City Royals (71-46), 10.4%
New York Yankees (64-52), 8.9%
New York Mets (63-55), 7.4%
Chicago Cubs (67-49), 5.4%
Pittsburgh Pirates (69-46), 4.6%

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the favorite, yet even as the favorite they have a less than sparkling 16.4% chance to win it all. The surprising Houston Astros (12.3%) and Toronto Blue Jays (12.0%) come in at Nos. 2 and Nos.3

But in baseball, once a team gets to the playoffs, winning the World Series can be a bit of a crapshoot. So a team’s chances of winning it all can be just as much about opportunity as it is about how well the team is performing.

Of the nine teams above, the top five all currently lead their division. These teams would have a huge advantage as they are on pace to avoid having to play in a Wild Card game, which adds another opportunity for a team to be eliminated.

There was 1 huge thing that jumped out at me about these 9 teams. There are 3 Division Winners in each league, and 2 Wild Card winners in each league. Thus, 10 teams will make the post-season, and all though I realize this list is who can win the World Series, not make the play-offs, don’t you have to make the play-offs in order to make the World Series? There should be 10 teams, not 9.

New York Yankees v. New York MetsMoreover, I think a team is getting really short changed in this equation. It is the 6th team. The only division team, not ranked in the top 6, the New York Mets. They have a fanominal pitching staff, and now they have more than enough offence to beat average pitching that most other teams will throw out there.

I personally do not believe that all the teams listed above will even make the post-season. But if I were given these 9 teams to choose from and asked me to range them according to their chances at winning the World Series, this would be my list.

1) Toronto Blue Jays

2) St. Louis Cardinals

3) Kansas City Royals

4) New York Mets

5) Houston Astros

6) Los Angeles Dodgers

7) Pittsburgh Pirates

8 Chicago Cubs

9) New York Yankees

So, now you have the betting lines by the pros and by myself. Now the only thing left to do is get the most important opinion of all, yours. Please leave a comment below. All of our stories are directly published to our social media accounts if that is easier for you to do. You can leave a comment below, or by Facebook and our Twitter accounts.

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