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15-0 for 1st time!

Technically all home teams have won on the same day before, but never since baseball expanded to 30 teams. The last time all the home teams won was Sept. 16, 1989. Arizona and Tampa Bay joined the majors as expansion franchises in 1998, bringing the total to it’s current 30 teams.

When baseball only had 22 teams, all of them winning at home was done 6 different times.Viewing every game as a 50-50 proposition independent of all others, STATS figured the odds of a home sweep on a night with a full major league schedule at 1 in 32,768 odds.

Three different teams, needed extra innings in order to complete the feat last night of every home MLB team winning in the same day. The final game was when the Seattle Mariners beat Baltimore 6-5 in 10 innings. Miami needed 10 innings to beat Boston by a score of 5-4 in one of the two current interleague match-ups. Cleveland needed almost two whole games as it took them 16 innings to finally defeat the Yankees by a run 5 to 4 in a game that saw Cleveland get double the hits as the Yankees as well with New York getting 8 and Cleveland an impressive 17. Toronto, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Minnesota, St. Louis, Arizona, San Diego, San Francisco, the New York Mets, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago White Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers all won there respective home games as well bringing the total to 15-0.TeamBaseballs

Four visiting teams were shut out in their looses. Atlanta at Tampa Bay in their 2-0 final, Colorado allowed the Mets to score 4 runs while they scored none, the Angels were held scoreless by the White Sox; and the Nationals did not score a single run at Dodger Stadium even though they had more hits than the winning Dodgers.

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