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Big12ChampionshipYes that is Correct, the number one conference on my list is a conference that doesn’t even know how to count correctly, and didn’t even get a team in the first college football playoff. I think the Pre-Season Coaches poll speaks for its self why I’m putting them number one. TCU and Baylor occupy the number 2 and 4 slots on the list, the one downside though is that Oklahoma is the only other Big-12 team on that list and they are in the 19 slot. This Conference this year though will get a team in the Playoff no doubt in my mind. Baylor and TCU will not be at a standoff again because the level of all the teams is rising.

Championship Contenders: TCU, Baylor

New Year Six Contenders: K-State, Oklahoma

Bowl Game Contenders: Texas, West Virginia, Oklahoma State

texasLonghornsFlagsTo show the rise that this conference will take I will start of with Texas. Texas remember is a rebuilding power and should have a good season this year, since they are not playing BYU. Texas opens against a Notre Dame team that no one really knows where they are currently after loosing their QB, but after that there non conference is RICE, and CAL teams that they should beat. One advantage that this team has conference wise is that they play TCU and Baylor 2 months apart from each other so they will get lots of off time against the two powers. If they can run Kansas, Texas Tech, Iowa State and steal some wins against West Virginia or Kansas State they are in good position for a winning season. Texas doing well elevates this conference a lot just because of the name recognition.

Kansas State & West Virginia are two in the same in this conference I feel. They are relatively good teams that can beat anyone but just aren’t consistent enough. They will both run the bottom of the conference and fight hard against the top. For these teams how they play Baylor and TCU will ultimately decide which one of those powers wins the conference I feel. These teams hold the key to a Playoff for the Big-12. They have to play well against everyone else but slip against one of the two powers. That’s how I feel both these teams are though, I do not think either team is at strong as last year, but they will still have the perception and make one of the top powers  look better.OaklahomaPoster

Oklahoma….. I have no idea what to expect from this team. They always seem to just be sitting there 5-0 looking for a title and then it just goes straight down hill. With non- conference games against Akron, Tennessee, and Tulsa I don’t expect Oklahoma to get into the playoff unless they sweep the conference. They just don’t have enough power to do that though and I expect Baylor and TCU to beat this mid-level team that was just given name recognition when they were put in the top 25.TCU-vs.-BAYLOR

Baylor & TCU…… The two powers and the ones with the chance to win the conference most likely, and get into the playoff. My current favorite is TCU. Both these teams play SMU in non-conference and then each a FCS school, what gives TCU the edge is that they are playing Minnesota, a team that finished well last year and from a power 5 while Baylor is playing Rice. So as strength of schedule goes TCU wins. When TCU and Baylor play each other one November 27th it will be huge. I have been waiting to see this game happen since the final rankings came out last year. These teams hate each other right now and we should see a great game.

The story lines, the Names, and the pure strength puts BIG-12 number one.

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