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Are You A Gambling Person?

Some crew chiefs are know for gambling with their drivers well, but how well did it turn out for them?ChaseSprintCar


So far there are 10 chase spots filled, well 11 if you consider Kyle Busch getting in. Kyle is only 13 points out from the top 30 to be in position to get into the Chase For The Sprint Cup. So most crew chief’s know you can go 33-36 laps on a tank of fuel, well some crew chief’s decided to try have them pit with 38-39 laps to go and hoping they could make it.


dm_140921_joey_logano_interviewJoey Logano who lead most of the race in his number 22 ford ran out of fuel with 4 laps to go. Which handed the lead over to Kyle Busch not even a lap later second place runner Martin Truex, Jr ran out of fuel which gave Kyle Busch a 16 second lead over racing teammate Matt Kensth who had never ran well at Pocono and was never good at saving fuel. Kyle Busch came to white flag going into turn 1 he was slow he had ran out of fuel giving the lead to Matt Kensth. Matt hoped he had saved enough fuel and as he went through turn 2, and turn 3 he was able get to the checkered flag with enough fuel to do burnouts and get to victory lane. When comes down to it some days when you gamble you lose, and if your always bad at gambling just remember you can always have your day in the sun.


So, with 5 races remaining can someone gamble get their way into the chase, or even someone in the chase get another win to up their self going into the chase. Stay tuned to see who is going to gamble, and make sure to come back check out who I think might win, and track details in the coming weeks.

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