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The New York Untouchables?

A new breed of starting young arms have emerged from the shadows of the Minor Leagues of New York and put on a show for the rest of baseball. Every analyst from ESPN to MLB Network has said the Washington Nationals have the best arms in baseball hands down no questions asked. But I think differently. Call me biased, but the best rotation in baseball is the New York Mets with the likes of Syndygard, DeGrom, Matz, Wheeler (when healthy) and The Dark Knight himself Matt Harvey. The trade deadline is lingering and poking its head around the league picking each player and changing their uniforms one by one. Look at Johnny Cueto, Jonathan Papelbon, and Tyler Clippard just to name a few pitchers. Sandy Alderson has said in recent interviews that four out of the five young aces are in the, “Untouchables” category. is it true? can they all be? it is possible, but very unlikely. Only one arm is the most safe out of the bunch, and his name is Matt Harvey.harvey-pitching

Your all probably saying to yourselves why not DeGrom as the safest arm? As efficient as DeGrom has been for the club, he just does not ignite the crowd as much as Harvey does. When you have a nickname of, “The Dark Knight” its pretty steep competition for the love of the fans.

Harvey also has an attribute that the rest of the pitching staff does not have…. Franchise. He is the second coming of Tom “Terrific” Seaver. I am not afraid to say it to any Met or baseball fan out there. If you had to choose between Matt Harvey and Clayton Kershaw to start a franchise from the bottom up, I’m taking Harvey no questions asked. That is how confident I am in Matt. When it comes to DeGrom, Matz, Wheeler, and Syndygard, I cannot say the same. Do not get me wrong baseball fans, I love what each young ace has to offer for the Mets, but Harvey grasps the franchise torch from David Wright.

He may have come down to earth quite a bit with his 9-7 record with a 3.19 ERA, but you would too if you tore your UCL. During the 2013 season everyone was throwing in their ballot for a Cy Young awarded to him. He has an impeccable fastball that reaches 100 mph with a nasty slider, and he can hit the baseball too. His major league debut he struck out 11 Arizona batters. This kid is the real deal folks. Matt Harvey needs to stay in QUEENS!! If he ever left the big apple, it will be Tom Seaver 1977 trade all over again. Any team would love to have number 33 in their uniform and even on a World Series roster, but they can have any other young arm on the Metropolitans roster, Matt Harvey is untouchable.

Queens has been waiting for a Messier for too long. And Matt Harvey has finally come. Wilpons, and Sandy Alderson… Keep Matt Harvey in Queens.

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