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Winston will Out-Perform Mariota

Quarterbacks are hard to predict.  You can have amazing footwork, a powerful arm, and fantastic awareness, but in the heat of the moment, the best sometimes fall apart.  Playing in the NFL is not easy.  Many talented athletes came out of this class but two stand out: Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston.

What else could you ask for then sitting down on a Saturday and watching college football?  The games are endless with plenty of beer, pizza, and wings to go around.  The talent in the US is unbelievable and watching guys go after each other is entertainment at its finest.

Mariota and Winston were watched and talked about last year.  Two raw talent QBs that were NFL bound.  The battle of No.1 pick was unlike any other.

When I take a look at these guys, I see something special. Both of them have the physical and mental ability to be great and future Hall of Famers of the NFL.  Granted they are both not perfect but they are sure close.

When asked who would have a better Rookie year, I froze.  It is such a tough decision because both have some of the highest football IQs.  Both had great college careers with a lot of success.  The decision was not easy but Jameis Winston will have a better rookie season then Marcus Mariota.

Jameis Winston is the best athlete to come out of this draft class.  He can do it all and is ready for the pro level.  His ability to pass inside the pocket can be debated as one of the best in the league already.  Winston can really drive off his front foot and deliver the ball right on point.

When watching game tape on Winston, he was born to play QB.  His awareness and talent is something special.  His college career will be one to remember due to the fact that he was one of the best athletes at the time.


I believe Winston will have a better rookie year mostly because of his athleticism.  From his high football IQ to his footwork, Winston has it all to be a successful Quarterback in the NFL.  Winston’s understanding of the game is considered one of the best in the league.  His knowledge of “X’s and O’s” impresses a lot of people. 





Another reason Winston will have a better rookie year are the guys around him.  Mike Evens

showed he can be an elite WR in this league and Vincent Jackson, despite his age, can still be a playmaker. Doug Martin has not been the same since his rookie year but he is still a fast and great running back who can give defenses trouble.  Winston has a great supporting cast which will lead to a great rookie of the year.

In conclusion, both these QBs are destined from greatness, but Jameis Winston will be getting a head start.  He is more NFL ready and can make a difference right away.  Marcus Mariota still has to improve his passing within the pocket but it shouldn’t take him that much time.  The countdown is on to week one when these two outstanding athletes will go to battle against each other for their respected teams, but they will forever be compared to each other.

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