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The Bronx Bomber in Queens?

July 31st is vastly approaching and the rumor bug is making its way around every clubhouse known possible. The one big rumor storming around Citi Field is the controversial Alex Rodriguez taking his talents from the Bronx Bombers to the Metropolitans of Queens. THIS IS JUST A RUMOUR PEOPLE, no factual reports have been confirmed. I know Mr.Met David Wright is currently on the shelf for most likely the rest of the season, and Juan Uribe was just acquired on Friday night as a bench player. A-roid should keep his pinstripes and very lengthy contract with him in the Bronx.



Lets look at Alex Rodriguez’s statistical point of view before anything and see if he is worth giving up prospects or even players on the 25 man roster for. He’s batting a whomping .276 average with 24 bombs and 59 rbi’s. If anything, those are really not bad statistics for a recently turned 40 year old man, but not good enough for Queens. The only reason why Rodriguez is even hitting the way he is, is his position change. Has anyone seen him play third base everyday? No. On the lineup card you will read DH, 3B is taken by Chase Headley. I am not going to lie though he is hitting great baseballs this year, but its only because he does not have to exert any energy possible on the field, other than run bases. Pre All-Star break he was 81-291 with a .382 OBP and a .515 slugging. Post All-Star break so far he is 9-35 with a .289 OBP and a .771 slugging. Not too bad for an old man, but his price tag for the next two seasons is just atrociously big. It’s so big it will diminish any future plans for the Mets and their development of improving David Wrights injury. They need to stand clear of this man.

If it was the winter of 2007, I would’ve said sure why not bring him aboard. You cannot resist a man who hit 54 dingers while driving in 156 runs in that season. But sadly, it is 2015, and A-rod is not the man he used to be. He will never leave the Yankees, and the Yankees will keep him. As long as he keeps his mouth shut, which he has. I have not heard or seen Rodriguez speak about anything negative with the Yankees that was considered drastic to ship him off. I would rather keep Daniel Murphy at third until further notice and play out the David Wright circus, that is his injury plagued season. I did hear he might have some physical activities planned in the next week or two. If the National League had the DH rule in place like its brother the American League, I might slightly consider. It would be a very, very small consideration. But, they don’t, and the pitchers have to hit just like the old days. so for now A-rod, enjoy your luxuries and giving the Boston Red Sox headaches for the next two years.

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