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Front Row Seat For History

Sitting at the fame 2.5 mile Indianapolis Motor speedway I saw history being made that hasn’t happen in 8 years.09painting

What should have ended on Lap 160 went on for another 5 laps. Kyle Busch had to hold off some very competitive cars behind him like 2015 Daytona 500 champion Joey Logano and defending NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Kevin Harvick, as he went into turn 1 he was able to beat them and hold on to his fourth win this season.

JJfinishlineWell now the history I speak of is the fact that no driver since 2007 has won 3 or more races in a row. In fact, last driver to do it was Six time champion Jimmie Johnson who won 4 in a row on his way to winning his second of six championships. No driver has ever who more than 4 races in a row in the modern era of NASCAR racing, but Kyle Busch can tie the streak this coming Sunday at Pocono. If he manages to stay on his hot streak then going into Watkins Glen he can left turn his way into the history books by becoming the first ever driver to win 5 in a row. I will be watching to see if he can rewrite history. If he does than I personally can say I was at two of his wins as I was at Kentucky where this streak started and this past weekend at Indianapolis where the streak stayed alive. Do you think Kylewill rewrite history, or do you think someone puts the breaks on his streak this weekend?

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