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Which Sports Cards to Buy?

If you are a sports card collector, you know there are plenty of company’s out there who produce cards. Like anything else in life, there are some things that are better than others, and the world of sports cards is no different. Here are a few of the top card companies to purchase.

1. Topps2014-Topps-Finest-Football-Rookie-Refractor-Autographed-Patch-Red-Sammy-Watkins
Probably the most recognizable name in the business, Topps has been providing sports cards for quite some time. In covering the major sports Football, Basketball, Baseball), Topps appeals to the novice, as well as the seasoned collector. I personally collect Topps mostly, but have also collected many other cards from other products. Without a doubt, Topps is at the “Topp” of my list of cards to buy.

Silhouettes_Griffin_Panini2. Panini
Panini has emerged as a great product lately, at least in my opinion. This company creates real crisp, clean, beautiful looking cards that typically hold decent value.bowmanBlack

3. Bowman
Bowman is a product that has a strong emphasis on rookie players. Known for their “Bowman Chrome” cards, they create real bright and shiny refactors that really appeal to us collectors. If you are looking to collect the newest rookies, Bowman is the way to go.

Along with the top of the line products, there are also products that do not hold the same value. The following are card companies that do not hold as much value as the companies above.Sage-Autographed_DeMarco-Murray

1. Sage
If you are just looking to add as many rookie autographed cards to your collection, this is the product for you. You get plenty of signatures per box, but the rookie autographs that are inside are not the marquee players. Yes, Sage does have the big names, but it is difficult to get them. On top of that, the cards you get are not seen as “premier,” or not as popular as Topps or Bowman. I’m not saying Sage is a bad product, I am just saying they are not as popular or as valuable as the three companies listed above.

2. LeafleafTyson
Leaf covers a variety of rookie and veteran players. Like Sage, I have come to notice that Leaf products do not hold great value as compared to Topps or Panini. Leaf provides very nice cards, but they just do not hold their value.

Obviously, not every pack, blaster box, or hobby box is going to be a home run. The hits will not always make you jump out of your seat. Be patient, somewhere down the road you will most likely pull a nice card that you will never forget about.

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