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MLB Trade Talk 1

Every year at this time, those of us who love to speculate about possible trades in MLB first have to divide teams up into 4 categories. Buyers, those teams buying players for the stretch run. Sellers, those who know there season is over, and like March Madness, bubble teams. The bubble teams are harder to predict, so we will save them for last.martin_featimg

Buyers– The Blue Jays have to buy, otherwise, all their prior moves (as you can read here) were a waste of time and prospects. And we will discuss them more in my next article. Red Sox made a closing 1st half run, spent tons of money, so what is a little more? Royals, they have to buy a cheaper version of James Shields, or one as a rental. Astros, the plan has worked, the kids are good, but they need to add a couple veterans now. Angels, see the Red Sox. St. Louis Cardinals, they can’t expect to keep winning at this clip without some help. Pirates, they are close, but close gets you Wild Card births. Dodgers, see the Angels and Red Sox. Giants, they have some glaring holes, but if they can patch them, they can contend.mark-teixeira-new-york-yankees-jpg

SellersYankees, they simply need to get younger and cheaper especially with all the competition in that division. White Sox, they tried, but it did not work. Tigers, see the Yankees above. Oakland, they are allowed to have a down year with a down payroll, but they will reload. Texas, I know they want to make a run, but they realistically need 3 pitchers. Braves, keep following the plan until the new ball park opens. Marlins, Be patient, and keep their kids healthy. Phillies, abandon ship! abandon ship! Reds, fold the deck, have the dealer re-shuffle, play again next year. Brewers, see Reds. Rockies, see Phillies. Padres, see White Sox. Twins, they have an abundance of talent coming, sell off their veterans and add to it.

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 15:  Anthony Rizzo #44 of the Chicago Cubs celebrates his walk-off home run in the ninth inning against the Cincinnati Reds on September 15, 2014 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Cubs defeated the Cincinnati Reds 1-0. (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

BubblesBaltimore Orioles, They have good older players, they have good younger players, but a good team is not good enough. Cleveland Indians, they have under achieved, the temptation to hit the panic button is close, I hope they avoid it. Chicago Cubs, They have a good youth movement going, let these kids take them to the promise land, don’t sacrifice a couple of them to get to the play-offs a couple years early. Arizona Diamondbacks, they have some nice pieces, stick with the plan of shedding payroll to sign more pieces in the next couple years to compete for several seasons.

You may have noticed that I have left 3 teams out and said I would talk about the Jays more. And f you read the opening paragraph closely, you noticed that there were 4 categories yet we have only discussed 3. That is because there are 4 more teams to discuss, and one more category to define. I will both define and discuss more in my next article.

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