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Arizona Coyotes no longer face Eviction

Well, for now the back and forth between the Arizona Coyotes and the city of Glendale has ended, with the Coyotes being back in Glendale. The history between the two has always been rocky, but things escalated quickly back in June after Glendale’s City Council voted to terminate the operating agreement with the hockey club. While Arizona has an open season for the hunting of coyotes, it quickly became open season on the Glendale City Council. Arizona fans rallied around their team, publicly lambasting the members of the council at a town meeting and all over social media.AzCoyotes1

The fans weren’t the only ones upset with the decision. Anthony LeBlanc, the current Owner of the Coyotes responded with a 200 million dollar law suit. LeBlanc also stated that he wants to keep the team in Arizona (despite rumors), and he believes the Coyotes have the fan base to do well there. After finding out the team was homeless, many thought the only realistic option would be moving the team to Phoenix with the hopes of sharing the Talking Stick Resort Arena along with the Phoenix Suns.AzLeblanc

Fortunately though, a new deal has been struck between the Coyotes and Glendale. The team will continue to play at the Gila River Arena, at least until 2017 that is. LeBlanc commented that while he preferred the original pact (which would have lasted until 2028), a two year deal is better than no deal. He also said that it would allow them to work things out in the future. I’m not so sure on the future part, but for now the team and fans can focus on the upcoming season which starts in October. The Arizona fans have played a big role in all of this, they even raised $10,000 to let one disgruntled passionate fan actually tase the Mayor of Glendale, Jerry Weiers. It was “for charity” of course but the message was clear.

Glendale Arizona Mayor Jerry Weiers.

Glendale Arizona Mayor Jerry Weiers.

Arizona fans can finally relax now that both sides are playing nice. The city council voted unanimously on the new agreement and the Coyotes have called off their legal dogs. The Coyotes still maintain their position, that they want to keep hockey in the desert and there goal is to attract the talent that it takes to be successful in the NHL. As for Glendale, it has now saved some face in the public’s eyes, but for how long? I’d say that is something that will be discussed in a couple of  years.

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