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The Dodgers did it right, the Mets struck out

Yesterday the Dodgers and the Mets started a 3 game series in New York. One of the teams allowed their starter to skip his scheduled start to be by his wife’s side during the birth of their child, while the other team allowed their starting pitcher to make the start on only 4 days rest.

greinkeThe Los Angeles Dodgers allowed Zack Greinke, to fly home and be with his wife, Emily, who gave birth to a baby boy, Bode Nicholas Greinke, on Friday afternoon. He will return to New York on Sunday, and will make the start in the series finalle. But, it is not just any start, he’ll look to extend his amazing 43 2/3 scoreless innings streak and inch closer to the establishing the all-time record for the longest consecutive scoreless inning streak in MLB history. To do that, he will have to pass both Don Drysdale who had a 58 scoreless innings streak in 1958 and right-hander Orel Hershiser who currently holds the record with 59 that he threw in 1988. niese

Then there was the Met’s starter Jonathon Niese. He made his scheduled start, but only ended up pitching three innings while allowing six earned runs. The shortest innings start by any Met’s starter this season. According to the New York Daily News, Niese immediately left the stadium after being removed to make a flight back to Toledo, OH. to be with his wife, Leah as she gave birth to their baby. There was one problem, he didn’t make it back in time to witness the birth in person. Although it has been reported, he was able to watch the delivery of his son via FaceTime before the plane took off.

I believe it is safe to say that Niese’s mind was elsewhere, and I also believe it is safe to say that his body should have been elsewhere as well. His fellow players did admire his dedication to his team; “It shows the type of guy he is,” said catcher Kevin Plawecki, who was behind the plate for Niese’s start. “He gave us 100 percent, and I know he wanted to be with his wife, today especially. I know he was bummed when he found out during the game that he had missed it. So (I’m) just happy that he (was) able to get back there to her now, and he did a great job given the circumstances.” Plawecki also said that he herd Mets skipper Terry Collins tell Niese that wife Leah had already had the baby during the 2nd inning in the dugout.

Major League Baseball now has a policy in place where any player can be placed on a paternity leave list and can stay there for up to 72 hours. For those up to 72 hours the team can replace the player on there 25 man roster with a player from their minor league system and not be a player short for any of that duration. I know that the Met’s have said several times publicly that they left the decision up to Niese. But that is just simply the team using their player as a scapegoat. The team should have told him to go be with his wife, the team has a 3 day window, and no excuse in this matter. And even if the baby was still not delivered within those three days, and they had to push his start back by a day or two, no fan or front office person should have any problem with that.

The Dodger’s did it right, the Met’s struck out.

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