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Tough Enough Review: Time to Get Real



Welcome to Week 5 of WWE’s Tough Enough!

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Tough Enough Preview

With each episode of Tough Enough, the competition gets tougher; it is survival of fittest, or so it should be.  The contestants would be put through another series of challenges that tested their physical and mental fortitude.  We were already alerted that Chelsea Green suffered an ankle injury during the course of the week-long break.  We will see how she would bounce back, if at all, from this setback.  Also, the scheduled guest WWE superstar, Nattie, showed up to inspire the remaining contestants.


As an added bonus to kick off the show, an even BIGGER Show would make a surprise appearance:



Highlights of Episode Five:

  • After having her ankle X-rayed, Chelsea received the good news that her injury on the obstacle course resulted in a sprain, not a break, but the bad news that she must stay off of it for about a month.
  • Josh doing Yeti calls with his daughter made all the female viewers’ uteruses explode!
  • Patrick Clark’s popularity is being sabotaged by his own big mouth.  His attack on ZZ during a moral-boosting session firmly planted the heel label on his chest.  You can almost hear the WWE Universe turning their backs on who should have been the leader in this season of Tough Enough.
  • Chelsea’s secret about not being able to compete was immediately highlighted when the in-ring practice/challenge began resulting in having to sit out.
  • The Coaches’ Challenge required the competitors to add showmanship to their bumps, and whomever lost, would have to do 50 squats while having to repeat repeat trash talk scripted by the winner:
  • The best part of the entire episode was The Big Show’s Chop Session:

  • Judges’ bottom three:
    • Daniel Bryan: ZZ – he hasn’t seen enough improvement after five weeks
    • Paige: Patrick – get to feel what it’s like to be in the bottom three
    • Hulk Hogan: (wanted to pick Patrick, but Paige got him) Josh – asking him to step it up and keep up with Mada

The WWE Universe has spoken and Patrick Clark was humbled by his elimination:

Guys, I broke this week’s episode down a bit differently than in the past.  Previously, I’ve focused primarily on the blow-by-blow of the events, but frankly it seems that this week, that approach isn’t as appropriate.  While watching this week, I had some very strong feelings about the way in which this competition is panning out, and sadly, it’s not in the direction as what was being sold to us in the Season Six preview.

What we have is a safe formula: (physical challenges + mental challenges) + (BARRACKS DRAMA X 10) /Popularity

I came to this conclusion several weeks ago, but it really hit home during the obstacle course competition that Tanner absolutely dominated:

One portion of the course required the competitors to climb a rope like so many of us had to do in gym class in middle school.  Many of the competitors struggled including Josh, Mada, Patrick, Sara Lee, and Amanda.  GG was the first female to finish the challenge and began to yell words of inspiration to her Tough Enough BFF, Amanda, and Chelsea.

And this is where I really had my eyes opened.  I appreciated the sentiment offered by Sara Lee and GG, but let’s face it: this is not a competition where the strongest are going to survive; it’s all about who is going to get the most votes at the end of the hour-long clip show.  What makes this television show intriguing on paper is that it allows the above-average WWE fan with a dream to make it big in the industry that they love.  But as a fan, we also don’t want schlubs coming out on our weekly WWE programming.  We need athletes who are physically and charismatically strong enough to keep us entertained.  One of the last things that GG said to Amanda was that she deserved to be in that competition.  I agree, Amanda is a tough woman, but does she possess the qualities that the winner of this competition should have?  Unfortunately, her merits won’t be weighed in as the ax swings on another competitor’s dismissal.


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