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Rams: A Tale of Two Cities

In the last couple of months, ever since Rams owner Stan Kroenke has started construction on a stadium in Inglewood, California, possibilities of the Rams returning Los Angeles has looked more possible than its move to St. Louis in 1995.

Since then, thanks to social media, I have realized just how adored the Rams still are in the L.A. market. The fans are coming out of the wood-work. I will admit I am a “Lou Town” boy and love the Rams in STL but, I cannot ignore the loyalty that has been displayed by the L.A. market.

If it’s real, this fan base has loved its divorced team since 1995 almost 3,000m miles away.

A fan base of over 4 million people, separated by a region, to this day shows more tears and heart than its original fans in the Mid-West.

Not to take anything away from the St. Louis market, but L.A.; if it’s true, has stuck with this team far and away through multiple single digit win seasons, a Super Bowl win without them, and decades of bad front office decisions, yet they still have no shame.

Stan Kroenke has shown the fans of L.A. that he plans to bring their team back bigger and better than before. However, that’s only through a business perspective. St. Louis has a task force team comprised of Governor Jay Nixon, Bob Blitz and Dave Peacock. A team of professionals that has many tricks up their sleeves.

These tricks are the construction, financing, and vote to build a new stadium to keep St. Louis a National Football League city. The construction proposition of a new stadium started way ahead of schedule. The Riverfront project the team is proposing also includes condos, restaurants, shops, a metro station and a state of the art stadium that will house an NFL team, a Major League Soccer team, college bowl game bids and a possible Super Bowl bid.

This project will continue what the Lumiere` project promised to do with its three phases starting back in 2005 , yet failed to keep its promise once the casino was built.

As of now since the task force has started its plan over 18 months ago has secured 90% of the abandoned property, has received a mass approval from a recent fan survey and as of late has been guaranteed over $200 million in Primary Seat License (Season Ticket Holders) and only needed $150 million.

This aggression from the STL Riverfront TF and support from the local populaces does not mean the Rams will stay. However, there are two very needy teams in the NFL looking for a home. St. Louis is more than willing to provide that. The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders may find themselves in a desperate situation, STL may be their solution.

Without a doubt Los Angeles will end up with a team. It is believed that the Rams will end up in L.A. . . . If Kroenke is smart he will take the free stadium in St. Louis and lease his juggernaut arena to either the Chargers or Raiders.

Lets look at the fun perspective, which is St. Louis establishing an expansion team. A dream that was though of back in 1995 before the Rams moved there.

The league fathomed a 34 team league in 2010.

St. Louis prides itself on building things from the ground up. More than likely an expansion team would seem like the personal touch that STL citizens are looking for.

As long as the Riverfront project goes through and with the huge success of Ballpark village, St. Louisians probably would love the idea of building a team from the ground up in a stadium that is envied by the rest of the league.

As a STL boy here are some  team names that would match the city’s history and culture, if the league were to expand in STL.

Spirits, Explores, Traders, Busch, Archers, Blitz, Strike, Power, Landers, Flood, Brew, and Rampage.

Of course there are tons of other team names we can think of.

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