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Power 5 Countdown — SEC

The SEC is number two and for all you SEC fans I’ll just get all the hate out of you right now and say that Alabama’s run is over. Me saying that Alabama’s run is over is not me hating on Alabama as much as it is more me saying that the SEC has stepped up its game. Last year Alabama pulled off a great run being able to get to the playoffs with a team that was subpar compared to years previous. Auburn continued its great streak coming up just short in the Iron Bowl. Tennessee was nothing special last year but we saw the makings of what will be a soon to be run of the long sleeping Tennessee. The SEC has power but they are too much at the same level right now and will do a great job of killing each other out of the playoffs.pg2_sec_coaches_576

Championship Contenders: Auburn

Playoff Contenders: Georgia, Missouri, Ole Miss

Bowl Game Contenders: Texas A&M, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, LSU, Alabama, South Carolina

UofAAlabama is just going to face to many problems this year for me to think they can keep this run of good seasons together. They have a big question at QB and they have just lost so many good receivers and defensive players in the draft the last two years, and not enough replacements have come in. Alabama also has to deal with a huge improvement in play from the conference teams, this was seen last year with the loss to Ole Miss. The SEC is too good overall now for one team to be dominate, meaning you will see at least 3 losses out of this team this year.

Tennessee the last few years has pulled off some great 3 quarter games but they could never close out the 4th quarter. This team has had to deal with a lot of heartbreaking losses but its over for them. You will see a good season this time and the future looks good. I’m not going all the way to say that they will be in a SEC Championship game but they will finish top 4 in the conference which will be a huge improvement for this team. This is just the start of what could be the next great of the SEC.

Go Vols! Cheer on the University of Tennessee at Neyland Stadium- just minutes from our front door.

Go Vols! Cheer on the University of Tennessee at Neyland Stadium- just minutes from our front door.

Aubie_with_Auburn_University_flagAuburn is for real, and this coach knows how to get it done. Auburn is my favorite to win the SEC this year but they will suffer too many losses to get into the playoffs. Auburn knows how to close out season and they will do the same this year. A bad bowl game loss to end last season will be the motivation for this team to crush the SEC. I’m seeing a two loss SEC championship team from them and a New Years Six is what I think they will be even though I put them down as a Championship Contender, the only reason I said that is because it’s the SEC and that could sway the voters.

Florida will have to take its first year with a new coach to see if this team can return to a national power. I love the coaching change out of Colorado, it’s exactly what a weak Florida team needed to wake up. That being said expect a huge upset win out of this team, they have the players to pull it off. This will be a team though fighting to stay bowl eligible and I don’t believe they will be able to pull it off.

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