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Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre will return to Lambeau Field on July 18th to be inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall Of Fame. It’s hard to believe that this induction wouldn’t be happening if Favre would’ve gotten what he wanted in 2008 – which was to play quarterback for the Chicago Bears. Favre did end up playing the final two seasons of his career with the Vikings, but it’s hard to imagine him playing for the Chicago Bears and Packers fans forgiving him. Two months after announcing his retirement in March 2008, Favre decided he didn’t want to retire and that he wanted to play again. At that point, Favre talked to Sport Illustrated’s Peter King – who now runs The

From King, via
[Favre] said he was thinking of asking for his release so he could play somewhere else. Chicago or Minnesota, maybe. I told him I didn’t think the Packers would release him so he could torment them from within the division.


According to King, Favre was insistent that he wanted to play for the Vikings or Bears, but he couldn’t go wherever he wanted because the Packers still owned his rights. Fortunately for Favre, things didn’t work out the way he wanted because if they had, he probably would have never been welcomed in Green Bay again.

In the end, Green Bay ended up trading him to the New York Jets before the 2008 season. Favre played one year with the Jets before playing the final two years of his career in Minnesota.


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