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15 NFL QUESTIONS with Fantasy Dog

I planned to answer the questions submitted to me by you the readers of this first column. However due to a record low response I decided to go in a different direction. Since I already know the answer creating the right question should be easy and even efficient. Hopefully I find some fun in here as well. So this will be the standard with “15 Questions” from now on. I hope that a flurry of questions will come forth from you the reader in future installments. Use your imaginations as I have attempted to do below. But if that process should not provide “15 Questions” I will opt for the routine you find in this first installment. I hope you enjoy and remember to submit your questions by posting below, direct message, tweet me or even email me @ . Without further ado let’s get into the 1st ever “15 Questions”.


#1. Via Twitter from @HiddenKing.  Q: Down here in Memphis we’re all shook up over Marcus Mariota. Is he gonna’ be a Tiger or a Teddy Bear? Thank you. Thank you very much.

A: In this case you would want the Tiger because the NFL does play rough. That is what Tennessee drafted when they took Mariota 2nd overall in this year’s draft.  A bright minded and aggressive competitor. While not possessing the shoulder cannon of some NFL greats his arm is plenty strong. Mariota’s accuracy is what sets him apart and will prove his validity as an NFL QB. Feel free to love him tender.


#2. Via FaceBook from Mony Lew. Q: Do you withhold secret information choosing to keep some vital things to yourself? If so did you ever make the mistake of telling a friend about it? What is the worse thing you ever did with a cigar?

A: I hold nothing back. Like yourself I give it all up. Everything I know, I share. As for your last 2 questions, I have never blurted and the worst thing I did with a cigar is smoke it.


#3. Via Twitter from @RedHeadedStranger. Q: Like Ghost Riders in the Sky several more NFL stars have faded away on Marijuana related suspensions. Even with full legalization in 5 states and a 70% legalization approval rate country wide. Is Marijuana testing a violation of liberty?

A: Absolutely it is. It makes my blue eyes start crying. This topic is always on my mind. It is as if the NFL and other major league sports are honoring the ill created lies of yesterday. The NFL and other leagues should be leading the nation in removing Marijuana from their banned substances list. I could go on for days but I will just provide a few key google search terms. Cannabinoid Receptors, Marijuana and pain relief, Marijuana and injury recovery, etc..


#4. Via Twitter from @shahidkhanJJ. Q: So what do you think of the those Jaguars huh? Looking pretty good on paper my man. The front office is building a winner behind the NFL’s most successful and handsome owner. Super Bowl right buddy?

A: Slow your roll friend. While there is certainly reason to be optimistic in the long term. In 2015 Jacksonville will be lucky to rise to average. But hey, it is a step forward. Super Bowl is out of the question. 8-8 is a possibility. 6-10 is probably most likely.


#5. Via Facebook from Kardy Khloeshian.  Q: With all this talk about Lebron James playing TE in the NFL what are the chances of other former NBA forwards finding a role in the NFL? #mommaneedsapaycheck

A: Jibber Jabber. That is all there is to the notion of basketball players transitioning to the NFL. Unless transition occurs at a young age the NFL game is too punishing for most NBA types to contend with. Your body is simply not acclimated to high speed collisions.  Maybe a physical freak like Lebron could have some marginal success. But a guy like Lamar Odom has no chance. Maybe date a pop star if you love money. That transition seems to work for some.


#6. Via Twitter from @sweaterpetterBC. If taking the air out of a football is a 4 game suspension. A relatively minor punishment razzle frazzle. Then rendering your opponent unconscious should be a 5 game suspension. Do you agree?

A: No, I could not disagree more. Brady cheated but the uproar is overdone. Not as unforgivable as some seem to think. Rendering your “opponent” unconscious is an entirely different thing. People who do that should be in prison for life. Locked away from the population they attack. Never tweet me again you sick, twisted, pudding eating freak.


#7. Via Twitter from @HairForAmeica. What would it cost to buy the NFL? Keep in mind I run the biggest, most glamorous and most successful businesses in the entire world! If you answer this question wrong you’re fired! How does the TFL sound? How about when I am president and I rename the country UST?

A: Even you could not buy the NFL. The NFL boasts revenue untouched even by other major sports. You can’t fire me I don’t work for you. Your also a buffoon acting as a distraction and will never become president. The TFL and UST sounds as bad as your hair looks.


#8. Via Email from ToTheExtreme@. Andy Dalton had the Cincinnati VIPs kicking it for a year and a half. Now the front office has gone too cold on Dalton. Will Andy lay down and let AJ boogie in 2015?

A: If Dalton sputters, make no mistake, AJ will get his shot. The team has no other choice but to begin to look elsewhere. That search begins with McCarron. Dalton better light up the stage or he will rock a clipboard like a vandal.


#9. Via Twitter from @SnowEDden. I am writing this question under supervision of Kremlin security. They take an interest in the most mundane communications. Feels good to be found so interesting. I wish my former employers would have shown an interest like this. That brings me to Shane Vereen. Do you think his defection to Super Bowl rival NYG will pan out?

A: First off your location is safe with me. I support your actions. Too bad the only safe harbor available to be found was in a country with even less of a concern regarding liberty. Maybe Vereen will explode after finding liberty outside of Bill’s RB roulette. Vereen is certainly in store for some heavy pass catching work. Can he remain healthy? If he can he is likely to have a career year.


#10. Via Twitter from @HelKel1880. From everything I have seen and heard DMC is the back to own in Dallas for Fantasy Football purposes. Is 1600 yards too much to expect from the ultra talented DMC?

A: Are you sure you heard and seen anything at all? Or are these prognostications a product of your own imagination? DMC is a once talented, under-performing RB who has had much of his elite physical gifts hampered by constant injuries. Randle is the RB in Dallas. DMC is his backup. Check the camp reports.


#11. Via Facebook from Scott Walker. I have a 12 team redraft approaching and I am planning on stealing the Atlanta RB in later rounds. Who would be a better for my team “The Union Buster’s”? Tevin Coleman or Devonta Freeman?

A: I recognize the name. You are that moron who fooled the Wisconsin voters twice while driving the state economy into the ground and destroying Teacher, Firefighter and other union organizations. You sir are counter productive. You want Tevin Coleman, he is your guy. Grab him early…………….. pss! Coleman is not the man. Freeman is. They will compete in camp but Freeman has the leg up, the rave reviews so far and I expect him to hold the gig. But don’t tell Wrong Way Walker that. If he can mislead Wisconsin. I can mislead Wrong Way Walker.


#12. Via Twitter from @Ashy2Classy. Is the NFL going going back back to Cali? Is there life after death for Los Angeles and the NFL?

A:  The movement to relocate a team to L.A. in 2016 is not ready to die. Whether it is San Diego, St. Louis, Oakland or another team altogether. There will be NFL games played in L.A., if not 2016 then 2017 for certain. Somehow the enormous market just hypnotizes the NFL executives. Tell 2 I said what’s up.


#13. Via Email from SubBoyJ@. I hear Keenan Allen is shedding weight to add more elusiveness and speed. A 6″ Turkey sub and walking a lot worked for me. Do you think Allen will be successful at regaining his 2013 rookie form?

A: I do think Allen will be successful at regaining his form. You should be clear that the exercise was the reason you lost weight and not the Sub diet. It is misleading and takes credit away from the work put in. Keenan is putting in the work and San Diego has every intention of making Allen the focal point of the pass game. Allen will regain his form and then some.


#14. Via Twitter from @FavaBeans&Liver. NFL Quarterbacks are eating their hearts out in envy of Russell Wilson’s pending windfall. Will Russell re-sign with Seattle or find himself a free agent in 2016?

A: Wilson is going nowhere. Seattle will deLiver a huge contract which will doom the organization to losing other talent it can no longer afford. Wilson’s win will ultimately be Seattle’s loss as Wilson’s bloated contract will cannibalize the overall level of talent on the roster.


#15. Via Twitter from @BernieSanders. I stand against bad trade deals that involve losing American jobs to overseas markets. Are you as concerned as I am about the NFL possibly outsourcing the product into European markets in the near future?

No Sir future Mr. President. Even if the NFL does expand into foreign markets all that it means is greater opportunity to earn for American Football Workers. Where would London find it’s players? Same place Green Bay does. In the NCAA. Expansion into foreign markets is good for all. BTW- I admire and support all that you do and stand for. President of the United States of America Bernie Sanders. You have to love the sound of that.


That is the first installment of 15 Questions. Hope you enjoyed it. Remember to submit your own and use your imagination.


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