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Tough Enough Review: Who is Sara Lee


Welcome to another Tough Enough recap!  We are up to 10 competitors with the addition of Chelsea Green!

The judges’ panel gave out warnings at the top of the show: Daniel Bryan seems to be the one judge whose nominations have sent people home, so keep him happy!  Paige wants people to step up who have tried to remain in the shadows.  Hulk Hogan said he had someone specifically he was going to keep a close eye on.

The show quickly transitioned back to the barracks where new-comer/returning competitor, Chelsea Green, introduced herself to America as we watched her make herself at home, rearranging furniture and definitely preparing to stir the pot.  And we thought the drama had left with Dianna!

Amanda and Gabi reopened the argument that started on the previous session: Silicon Gate:

The first challenge brought the competitors to the WWE training center where Coach Booker T reminded them that a major part of this industry is entertaining the WWE Universe.  Cutting the right promo is a talent that they would need to develop.  After watching a series of classic WWE promos, special guest, King Bad News Barrett walked out.  He gave the contestants a taste of classic Bad News promo.  Their challenge: cut a promo and tell him why they’re the next King of the Ring.  Each competitor did well, and with a little bit of advice from Barrett, they were able to walk a little more confidently into the next phase of the challenge held at the Improv.

WWE Legend and Tough Enough host, Chris Jericho introduced a promo battle.  Two competitors would go, face-to-face.

Round One:

  • Mada vs. Josh
  • Chelsea vs. GG
  • Tanner vs. Patrick
  • Gabi vs. Amanda
  • Sara Lee vs. ZZ

The best part of the challenge was when Jericho got into Sara’s face.  He screamed in her face that he didn’t think she should be in the competition, that he didn’t think she deserved to be in this competition.  He pushed her to finally tap into that bit of herself where she’s been hiding her passion.

After the break, the Improv audience was able to vote with cheers for which promo presenter they considered to be the winners:  THREE-PEAT: Patrick and GG.

The celebration didn’t last long because Mada got into Patrick’s face about how he simply pandered to the crowd.  For some reason Josh decided to step into the fray, causing ZZ and other production crew to separate the guys, once again.  Before Patrick walked away, he let Mada and Patrick know that their size didn’t intimidate him, the 80s and the era of the muscle-heads was over, and even though he may be smaller, he can out-wrestle them any day.  Hopefully Sara Lee was watching and taking notes: that’s how you cut a promo!

The next challenge would require the competitors to learn tackle and get slammed.  The drill was simply to scoop.  Amanda’s insecurities came through loud and clear when she repeatedly clung to the women as they scooped her.  Billy Gunn lost his cool with her with Sara Lee because she wasn’t taking it in that she had to trust her wrestling partner.  The physical competition went to new-comer Chelsea and the Yeti, Josh.

After, yet again, calling out Sara Lee, a surprising verbal lashing was delivered to Patrick from Hulk Hogan.  Naturally, he took it personally that Patrick would use his name to try and punk out his competition.  Hogan did challenge Patrick to work WITH his competition, bring out the best in them, and then use that to make yourself look better.

Because of a lack of personality, being flat in the promo challenges, here are this week’s bottom three:




Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 4.26.05 AM


After the votes, bringing in only 11%, Gabi was eliminated.

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