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No Wainwright, No Problem: Cardinals Produce Another Young All-Star Pitcher

Martinez has become St. Louis’ next polished product of a proven systemCarlosMartinez1

As the fan polls closed and the final votes were counted this week two players were selected from a last minute campaign, showing the fans of MLB why they deserved to be in the 2015 All-Star game in Cincinnati on July 14.

The extraordinary of those two last minute selectees is St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez, a young player that has come up through the organization, over the last two years.  Starting off in the bullpen and playing a pivotal role in the Cardinals 2013 playoffs. It was then that Martinez’ power and deceptive tactics, along with quick infield decision making to get the most productive out, had fans buzzing.

All through the 2014 spring training, Martinez was definitely in the discussion as a potential starter, due to his dominance late the year prior. In 2014 Martinez was in and out of the rotation, he also did some bullpen work but never truly solidified himself as a big league starter.

Coming into 2015 the Cardinals 5th spot in the rotation was still debated amongst beat writers and fans. Martinez was part of that debate. What Matheny and Willy Loomquist was thinking, we have no idea. However, Martinez was determined to show baseball that he can perform from the first inning with that same baseball IQ and dominance, just as he did in 2013.martinez&wacha

It is now the 2015 All- Star game and pitcher Martinez has been voted in. Martinez displays a 10-3 record with a sub 3.00 ERA. He is partnered with rising talent Michael Wacha who also had a great 2013 playoff, but a shaky 2014 with injury. These pitchers are the youngest duo to start the season at least 9-3 since the 1986, New York Mets World Series Champions.

Wacha did not get voted but that’s okay. Carlos Martinez is another proven product of the Cardinal system, whether it is batting, fielding or pitching. The Cardinals just find ways to turn no-name players into All Stars, like Martinez. There have been loads more in the past.

If Martinez continues to pitch the rest of the year like the first half, then he and the birds are in a good situation. Adam Wainwright is out for the year, along with other injuries yet the cardinals are still the best team in baseball. The birds already have Wainwright locked up until 2019, Martinez will come cheap for another year, and Wacha is due for a steady check if he stays healthy. Lance Lynn owes everything to Wainwright for the mentorship, who as a result is considered the number one pitcher in the rotation. And John Lackey seems to believe in the  “Cardinal Way”, since his mechanics have improved ever since being traded.


In a perfect world for the Cardinals, which usually happen for them, they will lock up two of their long term young gunners and have a strong and envious rotation for years to come. That is no surprise because that long term science in developing players from big league birth at a cheap price is just one known as the “Cardinals Way”.

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