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The Bryant Derby


Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant will be participating in first Home Run Derby along with his teammate Anthony Rizzo. There will be someone special throwing to Bryant, his dad, Mike Bryant. Before he was even in the Home Run Derby he said: “Honestly, if I were to do it, it would be more of an event for him than myself,” he said of Mike Bryant, the one-time Boston Red Sox farmhand. “I’d definitely choose my dad.”

Mike Bryant even said 201408131504542834099pitching to Kris in the Home Run contest was on his bucket list. “I told him two years ago, I said, ‘Hey, if you ever make it to the big leagues and get in the Home Run Derby, I want to pitch to you,’” Mike Bryant said. Mike knows his son can hit 500 foot home runs, but a lot of players waste their energy trying to hit the balls far. He doesn’t want Kris doing that, he wants him to win the whole derby.

“I’d like to throw it down and in and go for the 350-foot home runs and not worry about hitting 430-foot home runs, and win it,” Mike said. “I know he can hit it 480, 500 feet, and I know maybe they’ll want to see that.”

Kris is just the sixth rookie to compete in the Home Run Derby with 12 home runs this season for the Cubs. Mike said he’s more excited to pitch in the derby than Kris is to hit in it, but he will try his best not to embarrass his son. “I’m really excited about this,” Mike said. “I’m excited for Kris. He always rolls his eyes at me a little bit because I’m such a Type A personality and he’s such a Type B. I won’t embarrass him.” The Home Run Derby is Monday July 13th at 7PM CT/8PM ET in Cincinnati.


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