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Rose Should Keep Low Profile at All Star Weekend

When now-former Major League Baseball Commissioner (MLB), Bud Selig, announced on Jan. 21, 2013 Cincinnati would host the 2015 All-Star Game the first thought which jumped into my mind besides the excitement of the Reds holding the “Mid-Summer Classic” was the opportunity for the city to celebrate its baseball heritage.

RoseSlideMore importantly, it would also be the commencement of MLB and Selig to welcome Cincinnati’s favorite son – Peter Edward Rose – back into baseball with open arms. To me, it would be the perfect time. Rose had admitted he bet on baseball as a manager of the Reds.

If Rose could lay low and no other allegations surfaced about his betting on baseball as either a player or a manager and he could state his case again to Selig or to whoever his replacement would be about the possibility of reinstatement it would happen. It would be a great way for MLB to open the weekend of festivities in Cincinnati this July. Reds’ fans like myself could rejoice in celebrating the All-Star game and the return of baseball’s “Hit King” all at once.

Then two weeks ago ESPN’s “Outside the Lines (OTL) reported the shocking-not-shocking report Rose bet on baseball not only as a manager but as a player.

What should have made us think otherwise? It really shouldn’t. When my MLB AtBat and the apps dinged notifications two weeks ago while I sat in the waiting room for my sons at first I said “Wow” loud enough for other people in the waiting room to hear me. Since the day, it came out Rose was being banned from baseball for gambling on the game back in 1989, I had a feeling he also bet when he played.

RoseonFoxMy thoughts of the ultimate celebration of baseball coming to fruition flattened. For the most part, Rose had kept his nose clean. Fox Sports had even hired him to be an analyst on a variety of its baseball shows. Surely they had to get the approval of MLB to allow Rose on the shows, I thought.

Despite the report from OTL, Rose is still on the shows for Fox. Still, the wheels for him to eventually be fully restored into baseball seem to be stuck in some thick mud. Rose has applied for reinstatement, but it appears new MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, is in no hurry to talk with Rose.

Now Manfred has to look at these new-not-so-new claims and decipher why Rose didn’t come clean about them when he did about betting on games as a manager. It also puts somewhat of a damper of the celebration of baseball, which is to take place this week in Cincinnati.

To his credit since the news broke from OTL, Rose has deferred any questions asked to him by the Fox commentators or other reporters saying he is keeping quiet and letting his team handle the situation with Manfred.

REDSThe big question for baseball fans, especially Reds fans, is what role Rose will play this week during the All-Star Festivities. Will he be at FanFest to sign autographs? Will MLB have him come out on the field for more than a token standing ovation from the crowd and tip of the cap?

Unless Manfred and Rose meet at the last possible hour, I believe the answer is simple. Rose does whatever Fox has scheduled for him during its telecast and if MLB gathers the “Big Red Machine” together for reunion before the All-Star Game or sometime between innings that will suffice Rose’s obligations for the event.

This coming week was always to be about Cincinnati celebrating its heritage of baseball by hosting the All-Star Game.

It seems the pomp and circumstance of MLB letting the city’s favorite son fully back into the game it and he love as always are permanently on hold.

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