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Give Divas a Chance When WWE Gives Fans a Break

Growing up, I never really liked watching the women’s matches.  It wasn’t a sexist thing.  It wasn’t because I thought they didn’t deserve a chance.  I just found them boring.  Maybe it was because of the era and wrestling company that I was watching, but that’s the truth.

I admit that I probably missed out on some of the best female wrestlers because of my narrow perspective.  When I did see a woman in the ring, she was either glamorous, draped in shimmering diamonds and coordinating evening dresses, screaming like a scary, rabid raccoon, or a woman whose inflated BMI was the topic of conversation.  Let’s face it, WWE has not done it’s fair share to promote the women of the industry.

totalDivasThat’s a blanket statement that deserves to exist.  There are more examples of its efficacy than to its counterargument.  When you Google “top women wrestlers” and “WWE” you get a top 25 list on the WWE’s website, which does feature top athletes, but women who had made their mark in smaller companies, or whose stay under the WWE banner was shorter than their match times.

If you asked the average WWE fan to say the first word that came to mind when they heard the words “women’s wrestling” you would get a smattering of responses such as:

  • soft
  • joke
  • cleavage
  • spandex
  • amateur
  • drama
  • bad acting
  • Bellas

The bottom line is that the women’s division in the WWE is considered to be a joke.  I can’t remember the last time that a female wrestler was given more respect than to be called a Diva.  I’m not saying anything earth-shattering, but as a woman who likes to watch professional wrestling for more than just the storylines, but also for the athleticism, the Divas’ division is sorely lacking in both areas.  If you can’t give me one, you better step it up with the other.

Is all hope to be lost?  Is this just a watered-down version of the Attitude Era’s T&A, puppies plague??  Perhaps it is, but that does’t mean that it’s a secure fixture in the WWE programming.  It would be naive of me to suggest that there is no place for cleavage, skin-tight titillating outfits, or drama amongst the female roster.  That’s appealing to the core demographic; that’s human nature.  What I am suggesting is that WWE Creative executives spend more time mirroring the success of the NXT women’s division and less time figuring out how to improve Brie Bella’s mic work; if I have to accept Eva Marie as a viable wrestler, you have to accept that a mute Bella is a successful Bella.

So what separates NXT from WWE women?wwe_divas_poster_by_chirantha-d8dtqai

  1. The drama in NXT isn’t completely man-centric; it’s competitiveness. The women are trying to prove why they’re the baddest bitch out there.  The best storyline from the WWE women was the feud between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon.  It was ruined once womb wars began.
  2. The women in NXT are phenomenal in the ring.  As opposed to watching Raw or Smackdown, when the women enter the ring on Wednesday nights, I actually turn the volume up and turn down the distractions.
  3. Less is more.  Because the NXT women are better in the ring, the execs know to stay within their wheelhouse: their screen time is in the ring, not on the mic.  Scripted Divas aren’t good.

Do Divas deserve a chance?  Of course.  But a chance doesn’t equate to more of the same.  If you’re served spoiled milk, the resolution isn’t to be given a second glass.

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