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Mets Play-off Run or Play-off Walk?

        Pitching? check. Bullpen? check. Offensive bats?….. Question mark. The New York Mets have not had a dominant lineup in the National League East since their remarkable run in the 2006 playoffs with Carlos Beltran, Delgado and co. There is a slight key component between the 2006 Mets and the 2014 Mets and that is FEAR. If the Metropolitans want to strive in this league with the rest of the clubs they need to strike the emotion of fear in every single team they face the moment they step in a stadium. They already have that with the likes of their pitching staff in The Dark Knight Matt Harvey, Rookie of the Year Jacob DeGrom, and Noah Syndygard as Thor. Without bats in the National League the Mets have no chance for even a wild card spot. I say wild card because they as a club in general cannot stop the dominance of the Washington Nationals. Here are some clubs they can propose trades for to help their depleted lineup.

IFLE - In this April 26, 2014, file photo, Arizona Diamondbacks' A.J. Pollock flies out against the Philadelphia Phillies during the eighth inning of a baseball game  in Phoenix. Pollock was having a breakout season when he went down with an injury  in 2014. He is looking for the same kind of start as the Arizona Diamondbacks' center fielder this year. (AP Photo/Matt York)

 The first player on this list is OF A.J. Pollock from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Everyone will rip me for choosing an outfielder when clearly the infield is in a big shamble, but, I’m looking across the board, and outfield is also a weak link in Queens. A couple of good reasons why I would enjoy seeing his presence for this club is One, he’s only 27 with a $519,500 dollar contract which would not hurt the Mets one bit. I mean arbitration for the next three years is risky but, the Mets have pitching when they make the playoffs this year. And,with raw power that can hit in the number 5 spot. Two, he calls Connecticut his hometown with an easy train access to the field. And Three SP Rafael Montero, C Anthony Recker, 1B Lucas Duda, and OF Michael Conforto would be exceptional trade bait to reel Pollock in. Now would Tony La Russa bite on this, trade probably not, but this is a fantasy trade, so anything goes. Well just let Sandy figure out who else he wants in this trade.

             Another bat in this trade is a man all the way in Friar County with OFUptonPadres. Now lets face it, The Padres are slowly slipping in this division which is quite shocking considering on paper they have a dominant lineup with fireball pitchers. In reality though, they sit in fourth place on their way to selling at the trade deadline. One risky move is Upton’s $14,708,333 dollar contract. The great news is, stick him in Queens in the cleanup spot and you have a nasty lineup. The price in San Diego may be steep considering he is their best player, but all you have to do is throw in SS Wilmer Flores, SP Johnathon Niese, OF Cesar Puello, and heck lets throw in SP Bartolo Colon too, maybe SP Ian Kennedy needs a change of scenery. Upton is on fire this season with 14 dingers and 46 ribs. And if it does work out he’ll be a free agent next year, which means the Mets better make the playoffs.

            The Last players on offense for the New York Metropolitans if only he was healthy would have been third baseman Mike Olt but that darn injury bug, so the next clean cut favorites are Mr. Tulowitzki and Mr. Gonzalez. What Mets rumors would not be complete than to add Colorado’s finest to the list. One of the biggest problems with these two fine gentleman is what and who will the Mets trade for the services of these players. You thought I was going to say money huh. Nope, the Mets have enough cap room for both Tulo’s $20,000,000 and Cargo’s $11,428,571 dollars. Great thing about these guys is they will still be under team control for the next 3 years. I mean sure both players have had the old injury bug in their systems, but pretty much all of New York’s roster has had it. Once David Wright comes back, this lineup will be stacked to the core.  Now lets talk players. I’m thinking SP Dillon Gee, SS Wilmer Flores, OF Michael Conforto, RP Bobby Parnell, RP/SPJenrry Mejia, SP Rafael Montero, and unfortunately you have to put in SP Steven Matz, only because Colorado needs another young ace to build around for the future.Cargo&Tulo

            New Yorkers have not seen a dominate Mets team since the 1969,73,86,00, and 06 seasons. Its time for Sandy Alderson to make scary transactions that can help the Mets with the “win now” approach. Is it a safe bet, no not really, but its time to bring the World Series back to the big city lights of NY.

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