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How the Confederate Flag is Effecting Sports

This is the story that will just not go away, the Confederate Flag. And I thought that it was not effecting sports……well I was wrong.

SCconfederateFlag“The NCAA strongly supports today’s removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House grounds. This step sends an important message of respect for and dignity of every person,” NCAA president Mark Emmert said in a statement Friday. “As a national association, the NCAA opposes this symbol of racism, and since 2001 we have demonstrated our opposition by not playing pre-selected championships in states where the flag was flown prominently. The removal of the Confederate flag now means that South Carolina can bid to host future NCAA championships.”

I did not know this rule or mandate even existed. Therefore, I say, who does the NCAA think they are? I thought this was a free country! They oppose this symbol of racism? I did not know the Confederate Flag was a symbol of racism. Who decided that it was racest? Plus, why should arenas and fields and Universities and Colleges not be able to host a sporting event because a flag is flying on the courthouse in Columbia South Carolina?

The ACC has not held its baseball tournament in South Carolina since 2001 and has rotated the tournament between Durham and Greensboro since 2009. South Carolina last hosted first and second rounds of March Madness in 2002, when Duke and Alabama were the top seeds. So these and other destinations in South Carolina have lost millions of dollars because the NCAA thinks the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism. And further more, it is not like South Carolina can start collecting some of those lost dollars immediately. The ACC Baseball Tournament already has a contract that lasts until the spring of 2018. The same is true for the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament as they have scheduled host sites that do not include South Carolina through 2020.

John Swofford, President of the ACC.

John Swofford, President of the ACC.

The ACC released the following statement from commissioner John Swofford on Friday: “I personally applaud the decision to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the South Carolina State Capitol. With this change, bids to host future ACC Championships will be accepted from interested South Carolina cities, with no additional stipulations placed on them because of the Confederate flag.”

South Carolina athletic director and former baseball coach Ray Tanner tweeted Thursday, “Today, the University of South Carolina and city of Columbia will be able to host pre-determined NCAA Championships. We look forward to showcasing our great facilities, staff and hospitality to those who visit.”

Lastly, there is still one state in the union who still can not host pre-determined NCAA Championships, and that state is Mississippi.


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