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Nyquist Files for Arbitration in the Motor City


nyquist goalOne would think that in today’s NHL having a player that produced 54 points last year maybe something that you would want to lock up for years to come. Although in Detroit, this is not the case as of late.

Gustav Nyquist, a top line player for the motor city, filed for arbitration on Sunday, after a deal could not be reached with the Red Wings. Nyquist, 25, scored 27 goals and had 27 assists last season helping the Wings make the playoffs for the 22nd time in a row, appearing in all 82 regular season games.

A native of Sweden, the “Goose”, as he has come to be known, made his NHL debut in 2011 splitting time between Detroit and Grand Rapids. A mainstay in the hearts of Wings fans, Nyquist is a skilled forward with a ton of potential. It is believed that he is asking for around 3 million annually, a small price to pay for a proven player in the NHL.

When your roster is loaded with players like newly acquired Mike Green, Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, and the overpriced “Mule”, the Wings are flirting with the 71 million dollar cap. Signing Nyquist will not be a walk in the park., management is going to be placed in quite the taxing situation over the next few weeks and won’t want to run into any cap issues during the season (if faced with injuries). Arbitration is a must for underpaid players, but at the same time teams do not want to burn bridges with a player that is indeed part of this squad’s inner core.

nyquistThe Wings have exclusive negotiating rights to Gustav through the arbitration process, as he cannot sign an offer sheet with any other team. The deadline for a deal without a hearing is dependent on when his case is to be reviewed in Toronto between July 20th and August 4th,. The parties will have 48 hours before the hearing takes place to strike a deal. Some may suggest that the Red Wings aren’t likely to go to arbitration as they historically sign their players to contracts before the doors close on a hearing.

The sports business can be tricky between a player and an organization. In arbitration, a player’s game will be broken down and scrutinized. If not handled correctly an organization may leave a sour taste in a player’s mouth for future negotiations. The players will continue to demand salary and the front office will always strive for a bargain, but this is the ugly side of sports that fortunately only comes once per season.

Signing Nyquist will be key to the Wing’s 2015 season and hopefully, for the sake of Detroit fans everywhere, this matter is taken care of before shots are fired.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Gustav Nyqust has been signed to a 4 year that’s an AAV of $4.75 million. Here are the particulars of the deal $3 million plus a $1 million signing bonus in the first year, then $4.25 million, $5.25 million and $5.5 million in the final three years. Years 3 and 4 also feature a full no-trade clause.


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