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A Position Change is needed in Chicago

Starlin Castro is not having the best year.  Even though he brings a lot to the plate, his average has gone down and his strikeouts are becoming too much of a common occurrence.  Castro is also struggling at short-stop with his error count being the most in the MLB.  While the trade rumors have quieted, it looks that he will remain with the team.  If he is to stick around then a position change needs to happen.  Castro should be moved from short-stop to second base.

Castro has not been known for his defense.  Castro ability at the plate has made up for his struggles at SS.  His career .281 average is worthy to be a starting SS but his fielding lessons his appeal to be the starting short-stop.CastroinStory

Last season. Castro committed fifteen errors.  He has already managed to tie that number this season.  This is not a good sign for your starting shortstop that you have locked up until 2020.

Castro has been using the same excuses for his fielding mishaps all year.  Joe Maddon likes Castro but many wonder if Castro is struggling, then why not move him across the diamond.  Addison Russell is currently playing second base but has played SS his entire career.  It’s time for Maddon to wake up and smell the coffee and move Castro to second base.

Apr 23, 2015; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Chicago Cubs second baseman Addison Russell (22) makes a sliding attempt on a ground ball against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the sixth inning at PNC Park. The Pirates won 5-4. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Addison Russell is a born short-stop.  Russell played SS all through the minor until he was moved to second in order to play that with the Cubs.  The short-stop for any team should be the most well-round player, and Russell is as well rounded as they get.

This change needs to happen.  The Cubs are one of the top teams in baseball, and they need to keep improving.  If Castro cannot up his defensive play then he may as well be shipped out of town.  But if he stays, then playing second base is the best thing for him.  The move puts Russell back into his natural position, and it would boost Castro’s confidence if he plays well at second.

This move may also bring about other moves within the Cubs lineup.  Once Javier Baez gets healthy, he could be brought up to play 3B and then moving Bryant to OF.  This will add power to the lineup, and it makes the Cubs much more dangerous since they then will have their top young guns on the field at once.

Castro has never been known for defense so far in his career but there is room for improvement.  He can easily pick up the defensive slack if he changes position.  It is time to move Castro because his lack of efficiency at SS is not going to help his confidence nor the teams overall improvement.




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