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The Power 5 Countdown – PAC-12

Last year this conference would of been number 5 but the start up of a good number of teams has vaulted this team up into the 3 spot. The Pac-12 had 1 team in the Final Four Playoff and 1 team in the New Years Six. Oregon came close to a National Championship after destroying Florida State in the Semi-Final and Arizona lost in a hard game to Boise State. The conference has a lot of competitive teams and they can compete with the best. Don’t let the Boise State loss get to you, Arizona was good but Boise State has a good history in Bowl Games. I am putting them number 3 but I don’t think they will have a playoff team this year; I think they will at best have 2 New Years Six teams. Last year power started to shift in this conference Utah got better, and UCLA started to become relevant again. Saying that each team can beat each other, this was proven when Washington State beat Utah, and also almost got a win against Oregon.pac12Mascott

Championship Contenders: NONE

New Years Six Contenders : Oregon, Utah, Arizona

Bowl Contenders : Arizona State, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Washington, California

Oregon will again be hot, they always are. The last few years what has held them back is that they will always drop one game, they have done it every year. They rip through the conference and someone gets lucky and takes them down. Now that this year the PAC-12 is on a whole new level and I think two teams will take them down and keep them out of the Playoff. That being said I easily agree with the face that this team will have no Playoff Teams because the winner of this years PAC-12 championship game will be a 2 loss team. Oregon is still my favorite for the North Crown but my favorite in the South is Utah.Utah1

Utah is picking up steam and had a great break out year. Their defense last year was amazing and it crushed top teams. Utah had the misfortune of having a TD ball dropped right before they got it past the line early against Oregon last year, resulting in a fumble return TD by Oregon. Utah couldnt rally past that moment and the momentum kept a great toss up game from occurring. That will be different this year Utah will have a great run at a Conference Championship.

Utah will have to compete with the two other South competitors in Arizona and Arizona State. Both these teams last year had huge success and will carry that over for sure in the next season. They have great coaches and players leading them and not much will change for these teams. I can easily see either one of these teams in second place in the south. Anu Solomon for Arizona is my favorite QB in the entire pac-12 he is a great player with an amazing arm. He has 28 TD with 9 INT on his career and he will be going into only his JR year. Great teams to follow this year jumping in and out of the top 15 for the mid part of the season.AnuSolomon

USC and UCLA are what I am considering as risk teams. I am not sold on either of these teams and I feel that they are still at the point where they can level or drop. I don’t see either one doing any better then they did last year, the best they can do is level, but I am leaning towards a drop for these teams. There is to much change going into this season and no clear leader for either one. Hunldy leaving will make it hard for UCLA to make a splash at all this season I am feeling. But like i said this conference can beat anyone so I will give each team a good win against a top conference teamStanford-Football-Wallpaper

Stanford had an interesting year, they struggled a lot and it was strange to see from a team that had done so well the last few years. I think it will be more of the same though as this team will be put with the USC, UCLA, California, and Washington fighting to stay bowl eligible. These 5 schools will be the mid pack and will fight hard in every game but only a few will get a bowl game. Stanford will have to do something big to stay relevant another year like last and they will go back to the Stanford before Harbaugh came.


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