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Tuesday’s Top 10

The trend in baseball just continues. Most teams are at or around .500. 4 of the 5 AL Central teams finished the last 10 games at 5-5 and over all 20 of the 30 MLB teams finished the last 10 games with a record at or 1 game above or below .500. Plus, as if the decision for teams to decide weather they can actually compete this year is getting more muddy than clear. With 4 teams who are under .500 having a winning record in their last 10 games. So we start the countdown with one of those teams.

GerardoParra10) Milwaukee Brewers last week unranked- They had a winning record last week, and they carry it over into their 8-2 record in their lat 10 games. If nothing else some of their players may be showing off for deadline deals.

9) Baltimore Orioles last week #5- They dropped because of their 4-6 record in their last 10 games and the fact that last week they had 16 road wins and this week they have 17.

8) New York Yankees last week unranked- They lead a tough AL East division and went 5-5 in their last 10 games. They are the only AL East team in this weeks countdown despite the fact every team in that division is now within 6 games of each other.

7) Los Angeles Dodgers last week #10- I keep saying that I am unempressed with team, and I keep waiting for them to pull away from the rest of the division. This week they did, they are 5 games up on the division, and 10 games above .500.zackG

6) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim last week #9 They are nipping at the Astros heals. Only 3 1/2 games in back of them 8-2 in their last 10 and now have the 2nd Wild Card spot.

5) Kansas City Royals last week #3- They have regressed slightly over the last couple, and are being beaten by other top quality teams.

4) Washington Nationals last week#4- They are 9 games over .500 went 6-4 in their last 10. They have a domate starting staff, and Bryce Harper.

3) Pittsburgh Pirates last week #6- This team has had a great past week, it was actually so great that they actually gained ground on the Cardinals. Which has seemed virtually impossible thus far in the season. Plus, with their current record, they would actually lead every division except for the one they reside in and………

2) Houston Astros last week #2- The AL Central, because the Astros have the best record in the AL. Let me say that again, the Astros have the best record in the AL. They are more than just a surprise team, they are a contending team.

1) St. Louis Cardinals last week #1- Another week, another Cardinal’s team at #1. They were the first team to 50 wins, they now have 54 wins and no other team has 50 yet. Plus even though the New York Yankees lead the AL East, which some say is the best division in baseball, the Cardinals would have a 10 game cushion atop of the division.

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