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Dianna’s Departure from Tough Enough

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During last night’s episode of WWE Tough Enough, Dianna Dahlgren took herself out of the competition.  Her reasoning left a bad taste in the mouths of the WWE Universe: hurt feelings and homesickness.  Dianna had made a name for herself with her diva-like mentality, complaining about no wifi or being able to devote her time to planning her upcoming wedding.  It’s no wonder she was nicknamed “Princess Dianna.”  However, after a revealing interview with WWE Hall-of-Famer and Tough Enough coach, Lita, it seems that opinions of Dianna have indeed changed.

According to this interview, Dianna went home to take care of a friend and employee who was severely injured, suffering paralysis, in a fight that took place at a bar Dianna owns.  The events that took place during the Tough Enough competition did not influence her decision and she would be interested in pursuing a professional wrestling career in the future.

It was also announced that a former Tough Enough contestant who made it to the top 40, but was cut before making it to the main stage, Chelsea Green, would be replacing Dianna.


Chelsea Green, ready for action in the Tough Enough barracks.

Tough Enough isn’t the first time that WWE fans have seen Chelsea.  She is also known as Megan Miller, the woman who claimed to have an affair with Daniel Bryan while Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon feuded.  This should make for an interesting next episode of Tough Enough as Daniel Bryan is one of the three judges.




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