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johnny-manzielJohnny Manziel has been putting his time into something other than football. He announced his partnership with a daily fantasy sports app called Daily MVP for the Manziel MLB Throwdown. It’s Manziel’s first endorsement deal since his rehab stint. “I’ve been a big baseball person since high school and growing up it’s been a sport that’s been my go-to, besides football obviously,” he said. “I’m still able to watch during the week, I check SportsCenter obviously.”

He grew up in Texas and was a big Rangers fan. His favorite player was Ivan Rodriguez. “That was my guy”, johnny-manziel-rangers-pitchManziel said. Outside of the Rangers, he also rooted for Derek Jeter because he played shortstop just like him. “I’ve been a big Rangers fan my whole life,” he said. “We used to go home and watch baseball games with my grandpa, pretty much every time I was around and even recently still when I got a chance to go home and spend time with my family.”

Manziel took batting practice with the San Diego Padres last year and was drafted by the team in the 28th round of the MLB draft. He said baseball is still one of his favorite sports. “I can’t help but think about if I had gone a different route,” he said. Manziel is trying to make amends for last season when his off-the-field behavior became a distraction for the team and threatened to be detrimental to his own career. During a conference call, he was asked if the new partnership was a sign that the positive press surrounding what appears to be a change player, he said it seemed like a good fit. “I think you know I have a great team around me that, along with myself, go through all these different types of deals that really fit with what my brand is, and I think that’s the best part for both sides is finding a fit and something that truly works,” he said. Another positive for his image is that the money he wins in the game will go to Go Gold Fund, which raises money to fight childhood cancer.

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