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Do you want to be Wealthy, or a Winner?

Carmelo-AnthonyIt is not possible to get everything you want in life.  Scarifies have to be made to get what you really want.  You cannot get both sides to the story.  It’s one or the other in most situations when faced with something in life.  When competing in a professional sport, money isn’t everything.  Players dream to win an NBA Title and to do that, sacrifices have to be made.

To win a title, it cannot be a one man show, no matter how good they are.  Lebron James could not beat Steph Curry and Co. no matter how many triple doubles he had.  To win the ultimate prize, you have to have a complete team with quality starters and an even better bench.  The whole team has to be committed and willing to sacrifice themselves and maybe even their paycheck.  There is one player that sticks out to me who thinks he can have it both ways and that guy is Carmelo Anthony.unitedMAYOcenter

Anothony, 30 was the big free agent last season.  The attention he was getting was unreal. Many teams tried to lure Melo to their organization, but the serious competitors were Chicago, Houston, LA Lakers, and New York.  From meeting players to getting his picture on the big United Center video boards with a NBA Finals next to him Anthony took a while to make his decision.  Melo wanted to win, but many knew money was a huge thing to him too. 

After narrowing down the teams and having fans on the edge of their seats, Anthony decided to return to the Knicks on a 5 year 124 million dollar deal.  He would make the maximum $22.458 million in the first year of his contract, which increases gradually each year to a peak of more than $27.9 million annually.  The Knicks was the place he could get the most money and he thought he could maybe win in NY too.philJackson

Phil Jackson became the President of the New York Knicks on March 18, 2014.  He really helped lure Carmelo back in hoping to win with him.

The Knicks didn’t have the best roster to compete in the Eastern Conference.  Anthony, Shumpert, Smith, Stoudemire, Hardaway were among the top names on the roster.  But Phil knew this team needs a makeover and he cleaned house.  Shumpert and Smith went to Cleveland, Stoudemire was dismissed, and the Knicks were clearing the cap to make a lot of salary cap room to chase free agents in the summer of 2015.

Carmelo came to New York for the money, but he also wants to win.  This is where you cannot have it both ways.  After reports where Anthony didn’t like the Knicks draft pick Kristaps Porzingis, speculation started to surround him.  Later Melo later called him a stud which makes either statement hard to believe.

If Carmelo is complaining about where the Knicks are headed then he should have went somewhere else.  The Chicago Bulls had Derrick Rose, a rising star in Butler, and many other pieces to win at the time.  The Houston Rockets made a great pitch to him but Melo didn’t want any of that.  All he was concerned about was the money, and he thought that winning would come along with it.  If he didn’t think the Knicks were in rebuilding mode then he must have been on another planet.

No one wants to hear about how Melo is upset anyone.  He put himself into the mess in New York and also was dumb enough to put a no-trade clause into his contract.  When his deal is up, sure he will be wealthy but he may not be known as a winner.  Carmelo had the chance to win a title, and win MVP’s and Scoring Title and make the All-Star team but Melo passed on the winning and being part of a true team to earn a lot of money.HelpCarmo

Here is another thing to look at: where has Carmelo been for the recruiting process?  Nowadays current players on teams will reach out to free agents to join their teams.  I have not heard Melo in any sort of effort to recruit


Lamarcus Aldridge or De’Andre Jordan or Rajon Rondo. It’s just another example of Melo only caring about the money and thinking that winning will just come at the snap of a finger.

durant-meloCarmelo Anthony is an athlete and a great basketball player, but he is wasting his time in New York.  With the Knicks making no big splash in free agency yet, it could be another brown paper bag on the head year in New York.  Anthony is wasting his talent being part of a rebuilding team.  Anthony had the chance to leave and go for a title which he talks about but no, he chases the money.

When his current deal with the Knicks is up, he will be thirty-five years old.  After just having knew surgery, who knows how long he has left.  When he finished with his second stint in New York, Melo may not be the same player at all.  He may have wasted five years in New York when he could have gone on to bigger and better things.  Anthony either needs to be quiet about the team’s decisions or walk away because he really has no say on draft night.  And if he really cared about winning, he should be talking to Aldridge about joining the team and prepare to talk to Kevin Durant next summer.


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