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Who should the All-Star be? 2nd base

I am going to do a series leading up to the All-Star Game this year in Cincinnati on who I think should be the All-Star starter and reserve at each position for each league. All I ask is for you the reader to tell me why I am wrong in the comments section below. As long as they are tasteful and credible they will be published.

National League Starter/Reserve

My choice for reserve may surprise some people. I must give 2 other players credit that were in the running before revealing who my reserve is. Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds was on my board as well as Kolten Wong of the St. Louis Cardinals. But I thought looking at the total numbers that there was 1 who was better for the reserve role.

Joe+Panik+San+Francisco+Giants+v+San+Diego+F4nxU6WPj5NlJoe Panic– Before you start typing below to tell me how wrong I am, his consistantcy is what got him this spot. He is though #1 in 3 catagories, he has the most doubles of any 2nd baseman with 20 and the best OBP of any 2nd baseman in the National League with .380 and the best OPS with .840. He is 2nd in the NL with 30 walks and has only 38 strike outs. He has collected 89 hits (2nd NL) 40 runs (2nd NL) a .312 average (2nd NL) slugging .460 (2nd in NL)

Dee Gordon– For a lead-off hitter he has struck out 51 times while only walking 10, but he does make up for that with his 26 stolen bases (the next closest 2nd baseman is Phillips with 11). Besides having the most stolen bases he also has the most hits with 113 and the best batting average with .351 (which is currently 2nd in all of MLB). He is a game changer because his top stats are far and away the top stats at his position. He is also tied with Panic in runs, tied for 1st in triples, and is 2nd in 2nd with an OPS of .799.

American League Starter/Reserve

I keep seeing a campaign, especially on Twitter to vote for Jose Altuve calling him the best 2nd baseman in all of baseball. If you are looking at him based on his numbers, that is simply not true. Some are saying that he is the best in the AL. I would say that is not true either. In fact, I would say, based on his numbers he does not get my All-Star vote for the starter or reserve at 2nd base for the AL, but here is who does;

Brian Dozier– Yes a Twin gets my vote over Altuve as the reserve 2nd baseman in the AL. Why? Because in 77 games he leads the league in home runs (16) tied for the lead in doubles with 25 leads the league with 40 RBI’s and leads the league with 61 runs and slugging percentage with .530.

Jason Kipnis– Ever since he was moved into the lead-off spot, he has taken off. In 75 games he leads the league in batting average (.346) OBP (.421) and OPS with .936. He also has the most hits of any 2nd baseman in the AL with 104. Of those hits 25 doubles are tied for the lead and his 4 triples lead the AL. While his 52 runs and 33 RBI’s are second to the guy listed as the reserve 2nd baseman.


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