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Who Should the ALL-STAR be? 1st Base

I am going to do a series leading up to the All-Star Game this year in Cincinnati on who I think should be the All-Star starter and reserve at each position for each league. All I ask is for you the reader to tell me why I am wrong in the comments section below. As long as they are tasteful and credible they will be published.

National League Reserve/Starter

CastroandRizzoAnthony Rizzo– Here are his impressive numbers in his first 75 games. He has 42 runs on 82 hits with 23 of those hits being doubles and 15 of them leaving the yard. Adding to those stats he has a .300 batting average, a .968 on base percentage (with the help of 15 hit by pitches) and 155 total bases. As noted in my earlier article on how you can win your fantasy league with steals which you can read here, he has a career high 11 stolen bases so far this year and possibly his most impressive stat is that he has struck out 39 times in 75 games yet walked 38.

So with numbers like that, what other National League 1st baseman should start over him?

Paul Goldschmidt– As of today he is #5 in baseball (both leagues) in runs with 55 #3 in RBI’s with 65 and #1 in batting average with .354. Goldschmidt has hit 20 home runs, stolen 15 bases he has 177 total bases and has an on base plus slugging percentage of 1.108. And much like Rizzo above, Goldschmidt has struck out 62 times and walked 61. Yet the most impressive part of that stat may be the fact that he has drawn 18 intentional walks, which leads all of baseball.

American League Reserve/Starter

Going into this, I thought it would easy to pick these 2 players. I thought hands down these 2 positions would go to Pujols and Fielder. Yet as I continued to look at the stats, another familiar name emerged.

Miguel+Cabrera+Detroit+Tigers+v+Los+Angeles+-DojfFOXfH7lMiguel Cabrera– Only 3 players in baseball have an OPS above 1. Bryce Harper, the afore mentioned Goldschmidt and Cabrera with 1.037. His slugging percentage of .584 ranks him 6th in MLB his OBP is .453 good enough for 3rd in MLB. He has a batting average of .349 Cabrera has 94 hits; 16 of them doubles and 15 home runs.

Prince Fielder– In ops he ranks 8th in MLB, he is 16th in slugging with .529 with an OBP of .415 or 5th in MLB. His batting average is .347 Fielder is one of only 3 players in MLB to have more than 100 hits at 103 with 18 doubles and 12 home runs.

This honestly is a toss up and either player could make the case for the reserve or the starter. As far as Pujols goes, he was only in the top 10 in MLB in slugging and home runs. Over half of the categories he was not even in the top 20. You have to do more than just hit home runs to be an All-Star, or at least my All-Star. Especially considering the fact that he has hit 18 of his 24 home runs in the month of June.

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