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Top 5 Running Backs

EddieLacy5. Eddie Lacy: Most people think Eddie Lacy should be a top two pick. Let’s throw out some numbers before we head in that direction. Lacy only had only 3 games with 100 rushing yards or more. He also had only 3 games with 20 plus attempts. The main attraction with Lacy is that he is going to score TDs. He’s the every down back, and he can catch the ball out of the backfield. He averaged 10.2 yards on the receiving end. Yes, Lacy with get 1,500 total yards along with accumulating 10 plus touchdowns. A downside to him is that Aaron Rodgers spreads the ball around a lot, even takes the rushing TDs himself occasionally. This can cause hair pulling for fantasy owners because Lacy may not always bring consistent play. Don’t get it twisted, owners should pick Eddie Lacy if they have a high first round pick, just be aware that he might be over hyped.

SteelersBell4. Le’Veon Bell: The only reason Bell is at 4, is because of his 3 game suspension. If he was going to suit up on opening day, hands down he would be ranked number one. His numbers last year were ridiculous. Seemed like he averaged over 15 pts in fantasy per week. He totaled over 2,200 yards with 11 total touchdowns. Bell’s got it all. He’s quick, shifty, durable, and can read the defense extremely well. He’s going to be out to prove something once his suspension is up. Expect him to go on a tear when he returns. Don’t be the guy that passes on him in the draft because of his suspension. He is going to be worth the wait. His fantasy production should be around 1,050 yards rushing, with 6 touchdowns. Count on about 500 yards receiving with 3 TDs as well. Ring the Bell, on this running back as soon as you can.

Marshawn Lynch is a Badass Wallpaper by

3 Marshawn Lynch: Lynch is like a fine wine. He gets better with age. 1,300 yards and 13 touchdowns is pretty darn good. Until he stops producing, critics can’t question his abilities. People may think that Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman are the heart and soul of the Seattle Seahawks, but they are mistaken. Seattle wouldn’t be anywhere without the beast. I don’t see anything less coming from Lynch this year. He’s going to be out to prove to Seattle that they should have given him the ball on the one yard line, not Wilson. Don’t be an idiot and not grab Lynch because of his age. Beast mode will live strong for another year.

2. Adrian Peterson: Weather Peterson is playing football or not, he’s always the center of attention. Yes, one can argue that he has been out of action for a year and this could affect his numbers. People who argue this couldn’t be more wrong. Let’s think back and remember that Peterson tore his ACL and then came back and rushed for over 2,000 yards. This man is a freak of nature. The regular circumstances and obstacles that apply to all running backs, don’t apply to AP. He should come back stronger than ever now. His body has had a full year to recover, and he wants the rushing title. When AP wants something, he gets it. Don’t forget the Vikings have developed an offense now. They got weapons. Teams won’t be able to stack numbers in the box. Bridgewater is developing, Wallace gives them a deep threat. Things are coming together up there in the North. Trust and believe that this man will return to the field to be ready to rumble.

jamaalCharles1. Jamal Charles: Charles has come out and stated that he wants to redefine the running back position. The Kansas City Chiefs playbook is designed around Jamal Charles, and is Jamal Charles. Chiefs don’t do anything outstanding on offense. They have to give Charles the ball. Hopefully with the emergence of Travis Kelce and the addition of Jeremy Maclin, Charles should have some more room to work with. And we all know what Charles can do with open space. This guy produces year in and year out. He has a nose for the red zone. His fantasy numbers should be 1,300 yards on the ground with 9 touchdowns. And on the receiving end he should get 400 plus yards with 5 touchdowns. Insane numbers coming this season for Charles. He should be the number one pick in every single league in America.

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