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Fantasy Dog’s Dynasty Top 20

You do not have to pick them in this order. When I draft a dynasty team I look at big picture ideas and pay little attention to the immediate seasonal rankings. I am more focused on 2015-2020 than I am on 2015 & 2016. The ability to hold value for a longterm period is of the utmost importance. You can obviously draft some of these players later than where I have them. This is a list of value more than a direct list of draft order.


1. EDDIE LACY RB GB – Redraft #2 RB : The sure thing. Healthy, returning to same dynamic offense. Best inside runner in the NFL. I give him the nod over Lynch in that category due to the number 29.

DYNASTY TAKE : The next 6,7,8 years will all look the same as 2014. There is no better combination of production, health, age, positional value and longterm outlook in FF. A young dominant healthy RB in the center of an offense that will be dominate for another 6,7,8 years for certain.


2. LEVEON BELL RB PIT –  Redraft #3 RB : What’s not to love about a talented young back on a prolific deep threat offense with a giant qb tossing the rock? Just the 3 game suspension. Moved him from #2 to #3 in my rankings. But beginning week 4, there may be no other rb I would covet more.

DYNASTY TAKE :: Big Ben probably has about 5 more seasons in him. The offense is great. Keeps the DBs in their place. Keeps the LBs back. Great back with a solid longterm outlook. I have him second to Lacy for only two reasons. 1. Running style. 2. Aaron Rodgers’ Offense.


3. ANDREW LUCK QB IND – Redraft #1 QB : I am a GB fan but I have to accept the truth. Indy throws the ball more and throws it deeper more often. Luck is a statistical vacuum. I would still take Rodgers in reality, but in FF Luck wins out.

DYNASTY TAKE : There are 2 QBs set apart from the masses now. Only 2. One is in GB and the other is here in INDY. There is most likely 13 years or so left to come for a qb already ascended to the top of the FF ladder. The additional years and the more aggressive offense puts him just ahead of my #4 below.


4. AARON RODGERS QB GB –  Redraft #2 QB : Not far off. Mostly a matter of taste. But these 2 qbs are in a group apart from the rest of the pack.

DYNASTY TAKE : Positional dominance is all important in FF. Rodgers gives that to you. 7 or maybe more years of dominance is a solid investment. More than solid, it is gold. Green and gold. RBs come and go quickly. Superstar qbs are slim. At this level there are 2. That is it. Get one if you can.


5. JAMAAL CHARLES RB KC – Redraft #2 RB : Seems to be injured a lot. But keeps playing through it. He is the centerpiece, the bell cow, the offensive conduit. In an offense lacking downfield ability Charles is a well fed goldmine. Handcuff him with Kniles and you will be nothing but smiles.

DYNASTY TAKE : Dynamic do everything RB and the centerpiece of his offense. If not for the occasional injury, the weakness of the offense and beyond Maclin the lack of talent around him I could see moving him ahead of the qbs. 5 more seasons is a very positive outlook.


6. CARLOS HYDE RB SF – Redraft #7 RB : Best RB available in the 2014 draft. A year of understudy behind Gore and learning the offense. Carlos will soon not be able to Hyde no more. SF D was devastated with departures in the offseason. The O fared much better. What they lost they replaced. Even Lupati has been planned for. I expect a huge workload for Hyde.

DYNASTY TAKE : Hyde is a superior talent. 7-8 years of solid RB1 production to come. His youth and his talent combine to put him this high on my list. You have seen him produce in college. You have seen him flash in 2014. In 2015 the explosion will occur. A team can be built around Hyde for years to come.


7. JEREMY HILL RB CIN – Redraft #13 RB : Explosive, powerful runner. Jeremy should continue 2015 where he left off 2014. Gio is the weekly wildcard play in CIN. Jeremy is a great week to week start.

DYNASTY TAKE : Smashmouth RBs produce in the NFL. Hill has smashmouth in spades. 2nd year back with a good 6-7 years of excellent production to come. Once again as the older guys fade guys like Hill will rise to the top of the ranks.


8. ANTONIO BROWN WR PIT – Redraft #1 WR : Brown is not the biggest. Not the fastest. But he may be the most precise route runner in the NFL. Combined with great agility and burst he is hands down my #1 wr for 2015. Leveon is great, Bryant is rising quick. But Brown is the centerpiece in one of the NFL’s best passing offenses.

DYNASTY TAKE : 26 years old and the most consistently dynamic wr in FF. Ben has another 4-5 in him and that means Brown dominates the WR ranks for another 4-5. No other wr will appear or could appear in my top 10. Brown belongs here.


9. TODD GURLEY RB STL – Redraft #22 RB : A future star. When we don’t know. Either 2nd half 2015 or week 1 2016. But he will be a star. Grab Mason later to bridge any gap that may appear and be happy with a sensational soon to be factor back. Obviously his value is much higher in a dynasty league.

DYNASTY TAKE : 2014 may start slow or more accurately late. Once it does start hold onto your hat. Gurley is a special talent. Like a turbo charged mini-tank prowling the defense. That knee stays healthy and you are golden. You own the next Lacy. There is some risk but there is much more reward.

10. MELVIN GORDON RB SD – Redraft #14 RB : Dynamic all around RB. Natural pass catcher even though not a utilized skill at WI. Has some work to do on pass protection but nothing that will hold him back. Expect Melvin to hit the ground running on his way to rookie of the year honors. His ceiling is immense.

DYNASTY TAKE : 8 years before a substantial drop off. Will have the touches needed to become a top 5 RB from day 1. Talent meets opportunity. Your future is in good hands with Gordon. Confidently the rook lands in my top 10 here.


11. CJ ANDERSON RB DEN – Redraft #6 RB : What more can you want? The #1 rb on an offensively stacked, high scoring team. CJ is not just a product of his environment either. Reviewing his game tape reveals solid acceleration, good lateral agility and above average vision. Handcuff him with Monte and have a ball.
DYNASTY TAKE : CJ would be in the top ten if not for requiring a handcuff. Football is a fickle game and with a looming Montee Ball in depth you need to cover CJ. Costs you an extra roster spot but well worth it. Even when Peyton is gone he should continue to produce in Kubiak’s run system.
12. LESEAN MCCOY RB BUF – Redraft #7 RB : McCoy is going to get almost all of the money in BUF. In a Rex Ryan run first paradigm that means McCoy will thrive. Rex&CO. will no doubt feed Jackson and the rest a bit too, to reduce the workload. But McCoy will have feature back touches in a league that no longer has that many backs receiving those types of touches.
DYNASTY TAKE : McCoy will be the focal pint of the Bills run game for the next 5 years. There is nothing not to like here. McCoy is only 26 and he has a lot of dominant football left. This could turn out really well for you.
13.  ROB GRONKOWSKI TE NE – Redraft #1 TE : Even if Brady misses a few games Gronk will continue to dominate the TE ranks. There is a wide gap between #1 and #2. Gronk is THE te FF gem. No other compares.
DYNASTY TAKE : Statistical Positional Advantage. Gronk stands alone on top of the TE FF Ranks. Especially with the recent trade of a certain one time challenger to the Top TE spot. Still a baby. Even after Brady retires Gronk will be the best TE in FF. Injuries seem to be conquered.
14. MARK INGRAM RB NO – Redraft #10 RB : NOs has shown a new found commitment to the run game. Ingram will be the focus of that attack. With Robinson and to a much greater degree Spiller mixed in. But make no mistake Ingram is the top dog in this backfield and my #10 RB for 2015.
DYNASTY TAKE : New contract plus new found commitment to the run equals 6 years or so of RB1 production. Some of the older RBs will outscore him in the next couple years. But they will fall off and Ingram will ascend farther up the individual season ranks.  Spiller does not scare me, he has his own role. Great dynasty investment.
15. DEMARCO MURRAY RB PHI – Redraft #11 RB : Volume play. Do I think he will be as dynamic without the best run blocking Oline in the nfl? No. But I think the volume, even with Matthews/Sproles, will be enormous in the NFL’s most fast paced offense.
DYNASTY TAKE : Still a great RB. Still young enough to provide several years of high end production. Plenty of carries in PHI. Injuries seem to be behind him. In FF RB is all important. There are few in relativity to other positions. Murray is a great investment.
16. JULIO JONES WR ATL – Redraft #5 WR : Roddy is another year older. There is a lack of big name targets behind Julio, Roddy. This guarantees Julio will remain as a top 10 wr. I actually think he will move into the top 5 in 2015 in what is still one of the best passing offenses in the NFL. Remember it is only the regular season we are concerned about in FF.
DYNASTY TAKE : Julio gets the nod over other top end wrs due to his age and the age of his star qb. Julio is a stud for another 6-7 years in ATL.


17. DEMARYIUS THOMAS WR DEN – Redraft #4 WR : Julius is gone, Welker gone, DEN is claiming to be a heavier run team in 2015. Now it is DT, Sanders, 2nd year WR Latimer and Virgil Green as the main receiving targets. Even with a drop in pass attempts DT will remain at the top of the WR scoring charts. Besides it is not like DEN will become CAR in terms of pass versus run.

DYNASTY TAKE : Even post Manning this young mercurial talent will produce at a high level. As long as somebody can chuck it Thomas can do amazing things. If Peyton was 35 he would be much higher.


18. RANDALL COBB WR GB – Redraft #10 WR : Discount Doublecheck means two WRs thrive with the most consistently dominant QB in the league. No downs. Every week production for all 3 stars. It will continue.

DYNASTY TAKE : Rodgers has a long career ahead of him. Cobb has a long career ahead of him. These two will be connecting for years to come.



19. DEZ BRYANT WR DAL – Redraft #3 WR : No DeMarco means the ball gets aired out a lot more in Big D in 2015. Dez has a legit chance at the WR 2015 FF scoring title. The targets will be huge, the rewards will be huge. The only concerns? Dez does get dinged and sometimes his frustration holds him back.

DYNASTY TAKE : Supreme talent. If not for the Romo expiration date looming in the near distance, his occasional dings and the nonsense he exhibits he would be higher. The redeeming factor is his skill set. Talent cannot be denied.


20. ODELL BECKHAM JR> WR NYG – Redraft #8 WR : The kid is exciting. Playmaking monster. But with the return of Cruz, the addition of Vereen and the league wide focus of Odell will result in more passes thrown to the middle(cruz) and the flat(vereen) than in 2014. Expect that the deep to odell frequency drops off a bit from 2014. Meaning his production will drop off a bit as well. Still a GREAT WR 1 but not quite the monster he was in 2014 as the lone ranger.

DYNASTY TAKE : Eli has a few left. But even beyond that talent will win out. Beckham will be a Top 10 FF WR for years to come.


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