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Top 10 Countdown for Running Backs Begin!

murrayEagles10. Demarco Murray: As I’ve said before, I thought this was a terrible move for Murray. Bad move Murray! Why would someone want to go from running behind the best offensive line, to the worst? It doesn’t add up to me. Dallas would have paid him. Now he’s going to a crowded backfield with Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles. It seems like Murray wants a lighter workload… He comes in at 10 because of his insane year last year. Murray is going to fall drastically this year. Demarco may think he is going to produce just as well, but his numbers won’t be soaring so high for the Philadelphia Eagles this coming year. Yes, he does still have a high ceiling because of the system he is going to, but don’t expect the same type of production as last year. He will get around 1,100 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns.

CJAnderson9. C.J. Anderson: The altitude has risen in Denver, Colorado. Monte Ball getting injured was the best thing that happened to the Denver Broncos. They found out who C.J. Anderson was. This guy was trucking people over towards the end of last season. He couldn’t be stopped. Anderson was a fantasy machine. After the Broncos played the Dolphins in week 10 of the season, Anderson gave the city of Denver an old glimpse of Terrell Davis. In the last six games of the season he had 650 yards rushing and 8 touchdowns. Can you say workhorse? Peyton Manning will be a happy camper because Anderson is going to take a huge load off him. With Kubiak thrown into the mix, Anderson is going to get all the touches, whether it’s on the ground or in the air. What Monte Ball says in training camp doesn’t matter. Ball is terrible, Anderson is the starter, end of story. Fantasy owners, draft this young fellow. He won’t let you down. Expect him to post 1,150 rushing yards with 9 touchdowns, and over 1,500 total yards.

McCoy8. LeSean McCoy: Buffalo is going to get a lot warmer this winter season. Fantastic trade for the Bills. Spiller wasn’t giving them the consistency that they needed in the back field, and Fred Jackson is going to die of old age eventually. McCoy had a slow start to the 2014 season, but he got it going in the second half. Since the quarterback situation is atrocious, expect McCoy to get 20 plus touches per game. The only down fall is that defenses might stack more in the box. If their quarterback (Whoever it is) can throw one good pass occasionally to Watkins, McCoy will be fine. Even if you still have second thoughts because of the quarterback play, draft him as a RB1 based off of the volume that he is going to get.

7. Matt Forte: Forte seems to slip past everyone’s mind since he plays for the Chicago Bears. The fact is, that Matt Forte is always good for around 1,400 total yards. He is one of the most durable running backs in the game. He will always get you above 1,000 yards on the ground. His receiving skills just add to the value. Last year he had a little over 1,800 total yards! He finished 4th for running backs in fantasy last year, and owners should expect more production out of Forte with Adam Gase as the new offensive coordinator for Chicago. With Cutler’s unproven history, expect Fox to use that handicap option with Forte a lot throughout each game. Forte’s numbers should be around 1,100 yards and 6 touchdowns, with 500 yards on the receiving end. He is a fantastic and safe option for a RB1.Arian-Foster-fantasy-football

6. Arian Foster: This Texan will always heat up the score for your fantasy team. All you need from Arian Foster, is for him to play 13 or more games. As long as he does that, his numbers will be around 1,200 rushing yards, 8 touchdowns, and 400 yards receiving. He got about 300 touches last year in only 13 games. The Texans run every play through Foster. Yes, he has a tendency to get injured, but in the past five years he only had one season where he played 8 games or less. So as much as everyone thinks he always gets injured, he ends up playing almost the full season. Owners should draft him as soon as they can. Foster single handily is able to carry a fantasy team. DRAFT HIM!

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