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Fantasy Dog’s 2015 Pre-Season Rankings: QBs #1 – #15

2015 QB Ranks(1-2).

1. Andrew Luck IND – I am a GB fan but I have to accept the truth. Indy throws the ball more and throws it deeper more often. Luck is a statistical vacuum. I would still take Rodgers in reality, but in most FF formats Luck wins out.

2. Aaron Rodgers GB – Not far off. Mostly a matter of taste. But these 2 QBs are in a group apart from the rest of the pack. 6 PT TDs and negative points for interceptions? I would take Rodgers first because of efficiency. 


2015 QB Ranks: The 2nd Tier .

3. Russell Wilson SEA – Legs, new weapons. Expect the same as 2014. Even when he has a bad game he still scores well in FF.

4. Ben Roethlisberger PIT – This is the most vertical offense in the league. Brown, Bryant, Wheaton, Coates, Miller, Bell, Dwilly. Expect Ben to improve on his 2014 explosion.

5. Eli Manning NYG – If you paid attention to the 2nd half of 2014 Eli and his offense started clicking. The D was still lacking but that does not affect Eli’s FF stats. A healthy Cruz. A 3rd down proven pass catcher in Vereen added. A coaching staff finally bent toward the passing game. 2015 will be a career year for Eli.


2015 QB Ranks: The Interchangeable 6-15.

6. Matt Ryan ATL – Matty Ice goes cold in the playoffs. But he is a rock solid starter in the regular season. No safer pick to finish top 10 outside of the top 5. Every single year Matty Ice seems to be undervalued.

7. Peyton Manning DEN – Even with age factored in along with a proposed new commitment to the run Peyton still holds tight in the top 7 QBs. But there is not much difference from 3-10 IMO. Very good but not the blistering volume we have come to expect. Stay away in a dynasty/keeper.

8. Ryan Tannehil MIA – I love what MIA has done to provide Tanny with a better level of weapon(s). Cameron will be big at TE. The rookie sensation Landry takes over as the go to guy. Jennings brought in as a steady possession wr, Stills and rookie Parker added for depth. When MIA goes 3-4 wide they have a lot of playmakers to target. I see Tanny taking another step forward in his progression.

9. Matthew Stafford DET – I fully expect a resurgence in 2015 from Stafford. The weapons are there. The window is getting smaller however. I expect better decision making and for Staff to reach the higher levels of his upside. Better utilization of a healthy Megatron and supporting cast will go a long way to regaining his status as a top 5 QB.

10. Phillip Rivers SD – Rivers always gets his stats. He does seem to slouch in the 2nd half so I would suggest having another qb on your roster for SD’s tough matchups after week 10. But his first half of the season should lead you to a big start, But it is how you finish, I can see avoiding Rivers considering the relative sameness of the top 15 qbs.

11. Tony Romo DAL – Goodbye DeMarco. Hello again heavy pass offense. I think it is a bad omen for the Cowboy’s playoff chances. I think it is great for Romo’s FF value. Toss it around and rack yp the yardage. The mistakes do not hurt too badly in fantasy, unlike reality.

12. Tom Brady NE – Suspension or not he will be a solid weekly starter with some seriously explosive outings. Also a few very disappointing contests. Part of the nearly interchangeable QB ranks 3-15.

13. Drew Brees NO – I could say the same thing for Brees as I did for Peyton. If it was not for the 7″ height difference and a Brees who looked flatfooted last year I would. But the new commitment to the run. The loss of Graham and to a lesser degree Stills will have an effect. Brees could drop much further than 12. But he gets the veteran benefit of the doubt.

14. Cam Newton CAR – The rush TDs do not come as they once did. CAR has limited his goal line carries in an effort to lessen the pounding he takes. Cam does still have Benjamin, Olson and rookie Funchess. But his passing ability is pedestrian and the limiting his carries to limit his contact limits his value in FF.

15. Sam Bradford PHI – Unless Tebow beats him out, Tebow will not beat him out(or Sanchez), expect huge numbers until he gets bit by the injury bug again. Then it is you, your fantasy team and Mark Sanchez. Yikes. Like every other season. Great talent. Fragile body. Due to volume alone, when healthy Bradford is a top 10 QB. When healthy. The upside gets him in this 3rd group.

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