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Pre-Season Rankings: QB #16 – #32

16. Colin Kaepernick SF – Meh. Great legs, does not use them as well as he could. Davis is aging. The former BAL duo is less than enticing at WR. Reggie Bush could help out of the backfield. But the only player I like from SF in 2015 is Carlos Hyde. But if you are digging this deep Kaep is just as good as anyone else that follows.

17. Carson Palmer AZ – Started great in 2014. Signed new contract then immediately blew a ligament. The weapons are there. The upside exists. Can he stay healthy and move closer to the top 10? Want to bet a draft pick?

18. Nick Foles STL –  Couple interesting pieces in STL. But not enough to land injury prone Nick Foles high on your draft board. There is upside here. Nick’s ceiling the first year in STL is a usable QB who will produce slightly above average statistics. The floor is a struggling commodity too inefficient and sporadic to start confidently.

19. Teddy Bridgewater MN – It is quite possible that Bridgewater has a great season and becomes the new hot QB in fantasy. the fresh face everyone will spend to get. Teddy closed 2014 admirably. Teddy has a new deep threat in a vertical offense in Mike Wallace. Teddy has the best RB in football lined up behind him. Teddy has Charles Johnson, Patterson and Rudolph returning. This could be a very big year. I love him as my QB2. Hate the gamble as my QB1.

20. Jay Cutler CHI – Jeffery, Bennett, White, Wilson, Royal, Forte, Rodgers. The tools are in place. Can Jay finally capitalize? I highly doubt it. Not for a sustained period of time. I would not draft him in a league less than 14 teams.

21. Joe Flacco BAL – Solid, albeit unspectacular, QB with a sullen lack of weapons. Beyond an aging Smith the team has left Flacco with a group of unproven commodities. Rookie Perriman may have a future usable skill set. But in 2015 I expect him to be no help. His numbers will reflect it. Undraftable IMO.

22. Andy Dalton CIN – The Red Rider keeps shooting himself in the foot in the playoffs. His play also nosedived in the latter part of the 2014 season. It is a make it or break it season. I do not think he will excel enough to retain his job through the entire 2015 season. The average QB play he has shown so far will not keep him entrenched as the starter.

23. Robert Griffin III – He has to prove it again. His upside is still immense. We have seen him produce. Can WA put the pieces back together and can RG3 keep from breaking the team apart yet again? Can RG3 make better decisions without being too hesitant as he has been of late? Can he grow up? Can he accept criticism and deflect praise to his teammates? Basically did RG3 mature as a player and teammate in one offseason? I doubt it. But upside exists.

24. Derek Carr OAK – The kid likes to wing it. Oak grabbed him a couple big targets. Carr will improve, if his finger issue is really a non concern, but not enough to make your redraft leagues.

25. Blake Bortles JAX – New TE, many young WRs, a rookie RB with some possibility. It all adds up to another year of growth. But no usability.

26. Jameis Winston TB – Only in a deep keeper or dynasty. Winston is years away from FF relevance. This is not Luck, Newton or Wilson.

27. Marcus Mariota TN – Only in a deep keeper or dynasty. Mariota is years away from FF relevance. This is not Luck, Newton or Wilson. Much closer in my opinion that Winston however. Much better passer.

28. Alex Smith KC – Low ceiling. No deep passing, I don’t believe the hype.  No drafting. No reason.

29. Ryan Mallet/Hoyer HOU – Does not matter. No HOU qb will be usable in 2015.

30. Johnny Manziel/McCown CLE – Black hole. Stay away. QB ugliness whichever way CLE leans.

31. EJ Manuel/Orton BUF – I actually think Tyrod Taylor ends up getting some starts in 2015. No matter who it is, there is nothing for you here.

32. Geno Smith/Fitzpatrick NYJ – Yes they added Marshall. Yes they added Decker they year before. But this is still a team with a pedestrian talent at the QB position. . There is nothing to draft here.

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