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If the Cleatgeeks had the Stanley Cup for 24 Hours

Upon the conclusion of a great NHL season, one looks back to the entire year in many respects. Fans of each team were met with many different emotions this year; excitement, happiness, frustration, disappointment, optimism and many other aspects this intriguing and beloved sport known as the NHL.stanley-cup-in-kandahar

The hope of each fan during each season is the realization of a clean slate and the understanding that each fan can state as fact. That maybe this is the year for their team to hoist the Cup. For others, such as the recent success of the Blackhawks, it’s the hopes of seeing further further history to be made.

The Stanley Cup is one of the most traditional and unique championship trophy’s there is. No other trophy has etched each player’s name from previous winners, nor is there more significance because of personal nature as well as its appearance.

If I had the Stanley Cup for 24 hours, I would display it everywhere and take as many pictures in odd places with it as I could. I would also take it to my son’s hockey practice so that his friends could see it, in hopes of breathing in them, the same passion that many of us adults have for the game. This would be added with the additional excitement of their young mind’s that have an innocence to them that allow events like this to become even greater in the eyes of those that play the game for simplistic fun and enjoyment rather than a career and dollar signs.

I wouldn’t do anything crazy or monumental with the cup. Simply enjoying in its display with those close to me would be more than enough. In the game that many of us enjoy so much, it would allow myself to feel even more a part of the history of the NHL and this sport I spend much of my time watching and researching.

This introduction and opinion was brought to you by Justin Brown. Look forward to his weekly NHL column starting next week every Thursday. Plus, here is his recent article on the Calgary Flames.

Emma Braxton & Elizabeth Atwood

What would I do if I had the cup for 24 hours? Gosh, that’s a pretty one since it isn’t something that comes across my mind often. Players have gone to the extremes with there 24 hours including, being a food bowl for a horse, swimming in a hot tub, it has even been used to baptize children of players.

Penguins-CupIf I were a player who had been dreaming of that trophy for my whole life, I wouldn’t know where I wanted to start with the it. First, I would feel obliged to bring it back to my home town and bring it to local places, specifically local rinks, to pay back the supportive community where I was raised.

Next, I would want to swim with it, I mean come on who wouldn’t. I would probably take it in a hot tub like Zdeno Chara of the Bruins did, this way I wouldn’t have to worry about swimming with something that’s 34.5lbs.

I would also want to take it out to dinner. I would make reservations at my favorite restaurant and order a booth for two, the Cup and I. I would order my favorite dish and have the waitress fill the Cup with a tasty beverage.

At night for dinner, I would hold a huge bash and invite everyone who supported me along my career. I would want to show off the trophy for as long as I could and what better way then inviting lots of people over.

And obviously, I would hold it tight at night. Most players cuddle the trophy during it’s one night stay, I would do the same. The experience would be really cool, I wish it was one I had to worry about.

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Gaby Garcia

If I had the Stanley Cup for 24 hours, I would take it everywhere with me so I can show it off. I would also have to sip champagne out of it before my 24 hours were up. Put on my Blackhawks jersey and take a lot of pictures with it, too.

Here is Gaby’s article on the Blackhawks.

Joseph Pecoraro

If I had the Stanley Cup for 24 hours, I would probably just parade it around town, go to bars with it, and let everyone take pictures with it. Standard stuff for the most part…there isn’t much else you can do with a 35 pound piece of priceless metal.


darth-vader-storm-trooper-stanley-cupThe Stanley Cup to me is different then any other trophy in all of sports, second only to probably the world cup. The Stanley Cup holds every players name who has ever won it, therefore being a lot more special to those who win it. That being said if I had the Stanley Cup for 24 hours, the first thing I would do is to make sure I never touched it. So because of that I would just have to get a player who had won it and have him carry it around for me, probably Antti Niemi (Chicago Goalie 2010) who currently plays for San Jose. Basically I would have him carry it around to different places in Canada (more likely for people to know what the trophy is) and see what free food and stuff I could get out of it for letting people see it. #donttouch

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